About Us

We are Adam and M.K. Christiansen.
We've been married over 25 years and have four (nearly) grown children. We've been in Christian ministry work -- church and Christian school -- for most of those years and have lived in Mississippi, Iowa, Alabama, Massachusetts, and now North Carolina. Our little farm, nestled in the rural coastland of the state, is a dream Adam has had, and M.K. is happily helping it come true. We have honey bees and a small soap-making side business (also making lotions, balms, and hand-crafted knitted and crocheted items). Adam plans to grow specialty mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, and wheat (among other things) to sell at local farmers' markets. We hope to have chickens, guinea hens, maybe some other animals, and a huge garden. Although we don't totally eschew meat, we plan to be mostly vegetarian, growing our own food as much as possible.

This blog is the story of acquiring the 3.75 acres in rural Pamlico County that is becoming Red Robin Farm. We never, ever seem to do anything the easy way, so come follow along in our crazy life!

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