House/Farm Plan

Here's an aerial view of the farm, 3.75 acres:
 What the numbers mean:
1. house, with deck, covered carport, and garage immediately behind
2. cement outbuilding (the #2 is white and somewhat hard to see. It's to the right of the house.)
3. little red horse barn, complete with office, storage room, and four large stalls
4. main field. Adam will grow wheat here. He has many uses for the wheat, one of which is to help grow oyster mushrooms to sell.
5. orchard. This is a mysterious, overgrown part of the property, now tangled and full of poison ivy. Adam plans to clear it out in the winter when the ivy is less active. We hope for grape vines (the previous owner made wine, we think) and fruit trees.
6. overgrown area around outbuilding. It looks awful now, but has a couple of pretty, small fruit trees. I want to clear this area soon.
7. location of future cob house. We love cob house construction. We hope to build a cob home here, further away from the road. This might allow us later to rent/sell the original house, or have a family member live there.

Update: Here's a link to a post with a more detailed schematic of Adam's long-range plans for the farm.
Here's a drawing-to-scale that he did:

Here's a simple blueprint of the sharecropper house, circa 1922:

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  1. No clue how you did this but it is FANTASTIC! Best wishes on all future success.


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