Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Husband Is an Onion

Yesterday morning Adam dug the third long spring bed near the greenhouse.
He hauled more compost to mix in. See Maggie in the floorboard? She loves to ride in the truck. She prefers the bed though.
This morning we did this:
We had several big piles of trimmed branches and cuttings from the orchard and elsewhere. Adam got a burn permit. And lest you think he does all the grunt work and I do all the dainty work, I'll have you know that I tended the fire and he potted new seeds in the greenhouse. I love tending a burn pile.
Sandy's always standing hopefully next to a ball or a stick or a pine cone. Her eyes say, Please throw it!!
The fire was nearly done ..
... when I burned my finger.
I dashed immediately inside and smothered it with my "green goo" -- homemade plantain salve -- and wrapped it up. It feels better already.
Adam's worms are in the mail, so he's preparing a place for them: dark, moist, protected, in the barn bay next to the "office."
 A few cement blocks, a bit of soil and compost ~
 A worm bed:
Back in the greenhouse, Adam  started squash and gourds.
 Broccoli and zucchini
And some cantaloupe. Adam loves cantaloupe, and even though we've only once ever grown a successful delicious cantaloupe, he still wants to try. This variety is "Heart of Gold."
 He wrote out the name, but realized he didn't want to write all that on a dozen sticks. So ...
I thought that was rather adorable. And I'll tell you, that's a part of what I love about my husband -- he is complex. If you peel away the farmer, there's a scientist. If you peel away the scientist there's a chess player, and under that you'll find an astronomer, and beneath that layer is the mathematician. Peeling back that layer, you'll find the theologian. And there are a few other layers I won't mention. He is not a simple man, and I've found him fascinating these many years. Right now, we're enjoying the farmer layer.


  1. You guys are the BEST farmers already! Wow! There's so much to it! I think I would feel overwhelmed.

  2. So much hard work to do on the farm, but it looks like fun too. Sorry to hear you burned your finger.

  3. He must keep a project journal to keep everything straight! ;)

  4. I was so glad to hear that you had some plantain salve for your burnt finger! Good, good! Even the leaves right out of the ground will work.

    The fire and the seed planting. Good things.

    I love onions, and I love onion people too! It's so wonderful to hear how much you love him.

  5. ..not to mention the sailor and ship builder layer!

  6. I couldn't figure out the finger...strange hot dog? strange marshmallow? oops, sorry about the burn..be careful!
    I've grown cantaloupes and watermelons here; was told it couldn't be done as we were too cold and short growing season. Thankfully, the melons didn't have a clue and performed wonderfully well!
    Hard to believe y'all are already starting seeds; there's a foot of snow on my ground with another foot expected by Thursday.


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