Sunday, March 13, 2016

Farm Records: Spring

Temperatures this past week in the upper 70s.
Today is cloudy, sprinkles of rain, 75 degrees at 2:00 PM.
It has been a warm, wet winter.
Less rain has fallen in the past 2 weeks.

46 tomatoes up, most with real leaves (probably have about 50 cells that have not germinated yet)
61 pea plants up in their beds
10 thyme plant cells up and green
8 parsley pots doing very well
7 dill pots doing very well
5 cilantro pots, up and green
35 cells of broccoli up with real leaves
6 large pots of pearl onions ready to go in a bed
1 cucumber up and seed leaves
1 squash plant up very well with real leaves, repotted
Turmeric and ginger root did not come up at all, Probably dead.
White beans that had come up were frozen out early and the rest probably will not germinate.
Chives have not germinated yet.
Heart of Gold cantaloupe has not germinated yet.
Gourds did not germinate.

honeybees are very active, lots of pollen coming in
2 apple trees in the orchard have new leaves -- the two espaliered trees against the west fence, in front of you as you enter the back gate
many carpenter bees around the garage shed, orchard, and pine copse. These are good for pollinating fruit trees.
worms are doing very well. They ate the entire fall pumpkin we put in there, within a few weeks, plus lots of other food scraps, etc.
garlic in the bed is tall and healthy
lettuces are up some and small
2 hills of beans have sprouted
garbage can with potatoes: 5 plants are green and healthy
Wheat and barley field looks much the same as all winter, about 4-6" tall.
Winter garden of greens was an utter failure, planted in very wet area.

Dandelions are blooming well.
Japanese magnolia is in full bloom and passing.
Daffodils are in full bloom and starting to wane.
Forsythia is in new bloom.
Lily bed I planted in the fall is up and green, about 6".
Fig tree has little leaves.
Floribunda roses by the front porch are leafing out well. We failed to prune them back hard in the fall or spring, so must do that this fall.
Artemisia overwintered well, lots of new growth.
2 clumps of sedum look very healthy, coming up.
Hosta plants are not showing at all yet.
Astilbe plants are not active yet.
Lambs' ears overwintered beautifully and have spread.

Herb bed:
Oregano is doing very well -- 3 large patches
2 rosemary bushes are healthy, if not robust.
2 patches of mint are returning.
One sickly plant of thyme still has a couple of green sprouts trying to live.
Sage plant overwintered well and is growing.



  1. You're learning a lot in this first year. May your farm just get better and better!

  2. You have so much coming! I'm so amazed at the breadth of your farming plans and doings! Way to go!

  3. Wow, what great progress! I especially like Forsythia as it brings back happy childhood memories for me. My Dad always pronounced it "Forsister" and that's what I used to call it until someone kindly told me the correct way to say it.

  4. Wow you have so much up and growing at the farm. Spring is certainly out your way. : ) Love the forsythia. I have 8 bushes of them in my back yard and look forward when the start blooming - maybe another month or so.

  5. Exciting news. We learn from all the successes and failures. An old gardener friend once told me every year is an experiment. You win and you lose. So many variables with gardens. Keep up the good work!


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