Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's Growin' Here

It's so nice to be home. I visited the greenhouse Friday night and Saturday afternoon to examine everything.
 I'm so excited about my first round of tomato plants!
The tomatoes are doing very well, and honestly -- all the plants are looking happy and healthy.
The second round of tomato seedlings have just come up and are looking good. I haven't lost a tomato plant yet this spring :)
 We have a few basil plants too. I've just repotted lots of things, and they should be growing a lot now.
 Here's Adam's long potato bin. Isn't it great? They love this mulch.
The potatoes in the trash can look healthy too. But I think I prefer the long bin.
And we have lots of peas too. These are sugar snaps. They're starting to grab the trellis and climb upwards.
We had gale wind warnings today. While I was in the greenhouse it was blowing mightily! I held onto the hoops and stayed the storm. Adam did a good job building it; the foundation didn't budge a bit.


  1. Beautiful green things growing! Looks like you are getting a good head-start on growing your veggies.

  2. Your tomatoes are definitely doing well. For some reason, I can't grow peas which is a shame as I love them.

  3. Hurray ~ great news and photos.


  4. Always nice to get back home again.
    Everything is looks great and makes me excited to get my own garden started. Can't plant anything here though till the end of May.

  5. Green and growing and glorious. Nifty potato box, too!


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