Thursday, August 18, 2016

August on the Farm

First of all, if there's anybody who hasn't read my post on my other (personal) blog about Ned and Goldie, here it is. I describe how Goldie IS an escape artist who ran away and returned, and how Ned's chewing is not nearly so bad as a run-away dog! He's a good boy.
Meanwhile, Julia and Goldie have fallen in love.
Last week I took pictures of our pretty cayenne peppers coming along, plus our new zucchini and squash starts, looking good.

I'm out of town this week, and Adam's been working very hard to train Goldie to play outside, in a harness, on a dog run line, while he's out there. She's making progress.
We bought a chest harness (red), but she pulled right out of it. 
So Adam sewed a belly harness addition to it, 
and with tweaking it seems to work.
Adam's been mowing and collecting grass in piles to begin his compost-making work for the autumn. He did that last autumn, and it was one of the many useful things he spent his time on -- really excellent soil for beds. Our horrible hot weather continues and won't end until late September. But the tomato plants, after a time of weary wilting, have recovered somewhat and are growing again and putting out new fruit. Our green beans continue to grow and bloom, but they got such a late start we haven't picked many beans yet. So we started a new batch and put them into an old sweet pea bed last week.
And ... on August 10, we got our first egg from one of our hens!
I'm almost certain it's our bigger Barred Rock, Ethel. She's given one each day. Yippee!!! Breakfast!!!
 I'll be back on the farm soon and will catch you up on all that's happening.


  1. Ah, Ethel. :)
    Glad the dog training is going well!

  2. Now that Goldie has fallen in love there might be fewer escape attempts! That photo is lovely.

  3. Hooray for eggs!
    Have you tried a pinch collar for Goldie? My son swears by them for hard-to-handle dogs. In no time, they're behaving.


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