Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life on the Funny Farm

 Apple trees are blooming!

 For several hours this morning I monitored the third "play date" for all my chickens, trying to integrate the new white pullet into the flock.
 So far, so good. The first time, they did chase and harass her a bit, especially my two Ameracaunas (a roo and a hen). They must be a meaner breed. Honestly I think Punkin is just plain neurotic.
Here's Little Snow, as I call her:
 So sweet, so docile. During the play date yesterday, Bernie was letting her know he was Boss! She skeedaddled into the coop and hit behind a nesting box.
 Poor thing! So stressy. Today they are more laid back, not fighting ... but their behavior is quite bizarre! Everybody except Snow was inside the coop -- even with the orchard available! -- and they were squawking and putting up a fussin'! Finally I went in there to find out what the matter was. All three hens were standing there, looking at The Favorite Nesting Spot. Every little flock has a favorite spot to lay an egg. And who was in the favorite spot? And who was clogging up the works and making the hens mad? Bernie! That's who! Sitting there on a couple of their eggs, no doubt, pretending to be a girl, haha! I think he was just escaping the stress of trying to wrangle all those females and their hormones.
 Adam trimmed another 1/3 out of the big pear tree. He took all the straight water sprouts and started making a pretty wattle fence for the peas in the garden. I adore the rustic, peasant look of a wattle fence.
Meanwhile in the greenhouse, things are progressing. Here's my work area:
 Today I began transferring tomato seedlings from their first cells into small pots. Such an exciting time!
 I did 19 plants.
Adam has not felt well the last few days. He's very, very achy and sore, probably from arthritis. He hurts all over. I reminded him of his ache-mantra: "Motion is Lotion." He came out and turned ... or "fluffed," as he says ... his compost, with help from three pups. He loves the company of dogs.
I also have hostas up, and sedum and ferns and cilantro and masses of oregano. The Scuppernong grapevines have begun to leaf out too.
In the veggie patch we have these things up: potatoes, spinach, lots of peas, lettuces, radishes, and Swiss chard. Asparagus continues to do well. That's it from the farm!


  1. Things are looking very good there at Red Robin Farm. Glad to read the flock is starting to accept Little Snow.

    Have you heard of Blue Emu Cream? It is very good for pain. I bought it at Walmart. A friend told me about it at church and I bought it that same day and started using it on my feet when I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. I use it for all kinds of aches and pains. It might help Adam with his arthritis.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your last sentence made me laugh! As if that long list of jobs done wasn't enough!

  3. What fun to have chickens :-) That rooster - what a character!

    I hope Adam's arthritis improves with the warm weather...

  4. Chickens are a hoot! The whole thing with the pecking order and them figuring out who goes where can be pretty nerve wracking.

    Your green house looks great! And your garden sounds productive. That's always happy.


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