Wednesday, May 3, 2017


 The pots above were supposed to house new fig tree cuttings. Only one of the fig cuttings shows any sign of life at all. But the pots are chock full of tomato plants.
They're volunteers. The tomato seeds must've been in the potting soil Adam made, left from last year. Who knows what kinds of tomatoes they are? They're mystery tomatoes!
Below you see a particularly weedy part of the garden. The area with posts around it is Adam's "humanure" location. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about that one! But in front of it is another pile of something ... grass cuttings? Dunno.
 And in that  pile? More volunteers. At least three tomato plants (again, from last year) are thriving there. In fact, the volunteer tomatoes, which grew from seed in the garden as soon as nature allowed, are further along and hardier than the tomato plants I grew from seed.
 I still have 75 -- yes, 75!! -- tomato plants in the greenhouse. They desperately need HOMES! I have no more bed space for them. I've sold some at the farmers' market. But I think I'll take lots of them to church and to work and give them away. Ugh! Too many!
 I'm growing a bit of basil and dill from seed. We'll need the basil all summer, and I'll overwinter it again. Adam uses the dill to make his pickles he loves so.
At last we put the new lambs' ears into their big planter.
 They've already grown so much; soon they will fill this planter. Another planter is by the driveway now and has a lavender plant in it! I've killed all my lavender over the years, so I'll let you know how this one fares. The other two tire planters are in the veggie garden. They will hold melons.
I've put all the tomato plants into my beds that I'm going to. I took about 20 plants to work today and gave them all away! My little 2nd graders were so happy to take a plant or two home :) I'll do the same tomorrow; hopefully some of my co-workers will get them this time! And I'll sell them at the market on Saturday. But they must go away!!!


  1. Wow, all that volunteering probably wouldn't happen up here in the cold north lands! It's great that you have such a bountiful supply of tomatoes to share! :)

  2. Hoorah for tomato plants! If we were closer, I'd come pick up a few. Mine are just tiny starts under the lamp still.


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