Friday, October 6, 2017

Adam's Labors

 Nearly every day, Adam mows this big field for a few hours. He was unable to scythe it in early summer because of his hand injury. Now the grasses and weeds are thick, so he must push-mow it. He needs it when it's still alive and "wick." This puts the nutrients into the compost. His helpers:
When he mows, the mice and rats scatter in the field. Baby and Ned love to chase and pounce them. You'll see their tails curling stiffly over the grasses, thrashing back and forth in joy as they dig for mice or rats. Adam says he's run over a couple of snakes too - eek!!
 While in Nebraska visiting his mother, Adam learned again how to make "cement" leaves. Gloria has made many of these, and oh-my-goodness, are they beautiful! So Adam made a few upon returning home:
 The small ones above are hosta leaves. He also made a huge elephant ear leaf. 

He did this outside on our patio tables, covered in plastic. He got special gloves and made up the masonry mix in a tub.


Then he did a planter using a bath towel.
 Yes, that's an upside-down bath towel, hardened with cement. Pretty cool, huh? 
The leaves will lie on the ground over winter, drying very slowly. We'll use them as pavers and ornaments in the yard. If we have leftovers, I'll sell them at the market.
He also saw a lady's brick edging in Nebraska and came home with designs upon our tea bed:

 He's been raking pine straw and spreading it in the shade beds.
(Ooo - that photo was a little tilty!!)
 I'll brag on Adam a little now. He sometimes tells his parishioners that he is a "full-service pastor," and he does mean it. One dear friend in our church needed someone to assemble some shelving that she'd ordered. She brought it to Adam, and he finished the second one today, and we took it to her house. Another elderly man in our congregation has needed extensive help with some financial issues he's facing. Adam's spent many hours at his home, helping him with all of it, organizing, making phone calls. So much of the work of a pastor is, by definition, unnoticed and even confidential. If you think your pastor (especially if he has no staff to help) just sits around all day thinking up a 20 minute sermon, you probably don't know all that he's doing. Some home visits and hospital visits are rather private too. It's a private occupation, in fact, low-key, but always on call. I'm proud of my pastor husband and all he does for people.


  1. You and your man have some ENERGY!!! I envy that. Here I sit. :) Love seeing all you do at your little piece of heaven.

  2. You and your man have some ENERGY!!! I envy that. Here I sit. :) Love seeing all you do at your little piece of heaven.

  3. Thanks for another post sharing your farm life and pastoral life.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your dear husband. It's right that you brag on him!

  5. That's right. Especially in small churches the pastor has to wear a lot of hats. It's nice for the congregation to have such access to their pastor, but I bet it wears him out. Kinda like being a mom! Ha ha! I hope the farm work is pure therapy for him! You two have so many adventures! :)

  6. Push mowing that much is hard work, let alone raking and composting and pastoring. He's a good man!

  7. I'm glad Adam got crafty ideas when he went to Nebraska.
    God be with him as he ministers to his flock. It's big.

  8. I love the towel planter. I'm sure these would sell at your local market. What a pity I live so far away!


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