Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ripping It All Out ~

Today began the Great Kitchen Redo. We started with the great emptying of stuff:

 We'll be living with chaos in the dining room for a while.
Then we continued with the Great Ripping Out:
Apparently these cabinets were brand new in 1986!

The only thing we actually ripped out today were the two lower cabinets on either side of the oven. We figured that indicated serious commitment, haha! Adam wants to work from the floor up; we'll be putting in a plywood floor, either painted or finished with epoxy.

It didn't take long, but it was exhausting! The kitchen is by far the ickiest room in the house. We've threatened to do this redo for months, and we knew if we didn't give it a good start, we'd put it off again until after the wedding (in June) and after summer, and then after Christmas and .... yeah.

In other farm news:
The three baby chicks are fine. I've named one Applesauce because she has a cross-beak.
Adam has begun cutting down unwanted crepe myrtle trees along the road front.
This tree is now removed.
 And he's building a new fence to divide the pasture in half. It's a natural fencing technique from England in the Middle Ages, used to keep pigs contained.
 A double row of low posts, filled with woodland debris, becomes a thick barrier.
He'll leave a wide gate on the right-hand end and a small gate on the other end by the garden.
Adam has trimmed one pear tree and begun cleaning out the garage too. Much must be done before the wedding in June -- we'd better "get a move on"!!


  1. Isn't it amazing how much "stuff" we have in our kitchens when we start emptying out cabinets?!? Will somebody be inheriting your old cabinets? When we were in our log house we were so thrilled to get some cabinets from somebody who was remodeling. No idle hands around your place! Have fun!

  2. Remodeling causes chaos, but oh the joy when it is all done. I'm in the middle of some myself.

    Are you keeping the cabinets? Enjoy the process.


  3. A kitchen redo is a big job but it will be so worth it when it's done. Hope all goes well.
    I like the natural fences. I've made some up at happy trails.

  4. The kitchen has to be the hardest room to redo, closely followed by the bathroom. But I think it is always worth it in the end.

  5. Oh boy, that's a big undertaking. All the best with your kitchen reno. Sometimes it's good to have a target date -- June wedding -- to get things in tip top shape.


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