Monday, August 13, 2018

Weary August Farm

This was a hard summer for gardening. Way too much rain (about 35" so far), too much heat in June, but 3 weeks of drought thrown in there too .... I must admit, it didn't help that I was emotionally unmotivated! But amid the knee-high weeds, a few things are still alive out there. Here's what I found this morning:
 Sunflowers! At last!

 The verdict is still out on the loofahs this year.

My gourd hill is doing well.
 I picked one and have at least eight more on the vines. I'll let them dry there.

 The only part of the garden that looks loved right now is the potato row. Adam planted the little potatoes from the first harvest back in, for a second harvest this fall ... we hope.


A handful of small carrots. A few last tomatoes.
 I threw some overripe cukes to the chickens. 
All in all, an exhausting summer and a less-than-encouraging garden yield. I didn't even can or freeze a single tomato; I still have some frozen from last year! But the farm is still a beautiful place to live, and if we can get our spirits up, and our "mojo" back, we may have a fall garden yet. Adam plans to clear out all the beds. (He is doing better in the motivation department than I am.) I would be happy to see a few fall/winter crops there and tend to them in the cool of the year.


  1. You just reminded me to add potatoes to my shopping list, lol. Well, that's the life of the farmer. The weather can just be against you some years. Here's to a successful and pleasant fall garden! :)

  2. Like those sunflowers. Such happy flowers. I usually plant a bunch of them but didn't this year still a few have come up on their own.

  3. Have you tried broccoli as a fall/winter crop? I've had some good broccoli this year and it continues to set smaller side heads which are really nice. It will do this until it gets too cold. Hooray for Sunflowers!

  4. I think it's been a strange year everywhere. We had a freezing winter, a wet spring and a scorching, dry summer. My plants went dormant to cope with the stress and are now flowering months after they should. Meanwhile, I have just noticed some of next year's spring bulbs have started to come up through the soil. It's a strange world. We will all have to get used to the changes. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have had a lot on your plate this year, even though it might not be tomatoes!

  5. It has been an up and down for us on our farm too! So much rain it is pouring rain even as I am writing this comment. I am also hoping for a fall garden. Good luck with yours.

  6. Some years are just like that! But I have to say that those sunflowers are so joyful that they lift the spirits no matter what. Here's hoping for a more cooperative autumn.


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