Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January Farm

Our little farm is about as snoozy as we are in wintertime. The greenest place is definitely the front porch, which Adam enclosed in plastic again this year.
 I have three leggy tomato plants. Today I noticed two little tomatoes!
 I dug herbs from my beds and plunked them into pots in late fall. Now I have: dill, cilantro, basil.
 My young hens are laying through the winter. All are part silkie (I think?), but only the youngest one, who started laying just a few weeks ago, gives me a true olive-colored egg. See?
 I have six hens and a rooster I don't like, but he does his job. Well, he does half of his job. He protects his ladies. Not sure how effective he is in the romantic side of his job though!
 Today is barely warm, so farm doggies are outside. Trixie:
Our strawberry transplants are surviving on the front porch too.
I was asking Adam today when I'll likely be able to start working in the greenhouse, as I love doing in the late winter/early spring. He'll cover the greenhouse next week. I should be able to start fiddling in there in mid-February, I hope.

Lastly: gourds. They are curing well on the front porch.
See all that lovely mold? These are the largest ones. I've been practicing on smaller ones that dried first. Here's a summarizing video of what I've done with gourds thus far:
By the time I get to the largest gourds I should have my style perfected, haha! Thanks so much for stopping by to check on our sleepy little farmette, where not much happens and we're mighty peaceful about it.


  1. How lovely to think about working in the greenhouse! I love those tomatoes! WOW!

  2. "...where not much happens and we're mighty peaceful about it." This made me chuckle, and then muse ... I guess relatively speaking not much is happening, but my goodness, look at all of the things that are visible, and think of all that is happening "in secret." It reminds me of the saying of some people I know, that children grow when they are sleeping!

  3. So nice to have the enclosed front porch! Trixie is getting big! :)

  4. Tomatoes in January! I'm impressed! Great idea to do plastic on the porch. It paid off, didn't it? Very interesting about the gourds; they are all so very pretty.

  5. Very inspiring. My garden is almost dead at this time of year. So to see tomatoes growing is amazing.


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