Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 1st Farm

This is a couple of days late, but I'd better record what's happening on the farm and in the garden in early spring:

Onion sets are up nicely.
Peas are up a bit.
Strawberry plants (5) that we overwintered on the front porch are now in their bed.
9 asparagus spears are up.
Onion seeds are up in the greenhouse.
Basil seeds are started in the greenhouse too.
My herb beds overwintered - just about everything but basil. Dill, cilantro, parsley that seeded in the fall all survived. Tiny basil seed leaves in the garden that I reseeded by hand in the winter are starting to pop up.
I've scattered collard and kale seeds in their beds. Spinach and lettuces will go in this week.
I'm doing new oregano starts from seed because my oregano seems to be dying off.

Adam relined my newer herb bed in metal.
 Strawberry bed:
 The old strawberry bed:

 Strawberry plants that were covered in straw all winter:
 Adam relined this whole bed in metal roofing. So much work! Peas are under the trellis and collards/kale are at the far end.

Snow and freezing temps in the low 20s are forecast for this week, but we hope all these will withstand that assault. 


  1. That is a lot of work! Hope you enjoy your summer growing season!

  2. That will be a very productive strawberry bed. We fight a losing battle here with the birds who also love strawberries. I've been busy levelling and reseeding a large patch of my lawn. My cat is guarding it against the greedy pigeons. I have a net but am trying not to use it unless I absolutely have to.


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