Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Garden

Adam's been keeping up with the vegetable garden and things are looking good out there! 
My gourd plants are flourishing.

We planted okra this year for the first time, and it's coming up nicely!

These three beds are doing well.

Sweet potatoes:

White potatoes. They're ready to come out.

Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes:

My cherry tomato plants that overwintered on the porch are bearing well:

Our zucchini and cucumber plants are taking off:
I bought some lavender plants this year that are supposed to be hardy in our area, which lavender usually isn't. Our rainy weather just kills most lavender off. See this raised tire bed?
The dead lavender plant is one I bought at Lowe's, an ordinary lavender. It thrived as long as we were in a drought, but as soon as the rain came, it died. It really died.
But the lavender plants that resist our humidity and rain overload? 
All 3 of them look like this -- so healthy!
I've also been drying more mint, lemon balm, and tarragon for my herbal tea.


  1. Looking good! I just bought some frozen okra. I'm hoping to make fried okra like my mama used to make. I think she used canned okra, but they don't carry it up here in the north lands, I guess. :)

  2. Great that you've found a variety of Lavender that thrives in your area.
    Everything in your garden is doing so well. Cherry tomatoes already!!

  3. also so glad about the thriving variety of lavender! It's SO weird to hear of non-thriving, since it grows SO well out here. I find it strange that I never tried it in the south, and yet love it so much here....:)

  4. Your gardens are looking great! Glad you've found a lavender that works well in your area. I've not found one for my hot and humid area.

    Have a great summer ~ FlowerLady

  5. Your tomatoes look so mouth watering! I like lavender to and I use it to discourage moth’s from getting into anything wool related.

  6. All looking brilliant! I do love looking at vegetable plants! Must get around to drying some herbs myself this year since we have so many plants!!!

  7. That lavender does look great! And your garden generally. I've grown okra in the past - I love it but never got good at cooking it.


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