Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Ent Hall - A Magical Willow Room

Today, while we all messed about with a burn pile in the pasture and watched the dogs play,  Adam started a long-desired project: growing a willow dome room. Here are a few photos from the internet to give you an idea:

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From the inside, looking out:
Image result for willow dome room

Thankfully, we have an old swamp willow tree on our property, and from it we've propagated about twenty young willow trees (plus one lovely weeping willow tree grown from a slip a friend gave us). 
The "mother" willow looks pathetic because
she was hacked of many limbs today.

This is her stump, which fell over years ago.

Our stand of little willow trees

Our one pretty weeping willow tree
In addition, we live in a place damp enough that, if you stick a willow slip in the ground, it will grow into a tree.

Today's work looks like this:

But within a month these sticks will have leafed out, and in a year they will have grown at least 6 feet. We will trim any branched growing the wrong ways, and begin to weave the branches together into the dome. I want seating inside, and maybe candles of some sort, or lanterns.

But in the end, this willow dome is for one purpose: for grandchildren to play in. So we must get a start now!


  1. There is a place in Northern California, the Solar Living Center in Hopland, that I have visited twice. On one tour we walked through the willow grove, laid out in a tidy grid, where the branches were being trained to interweave, but more than that. They explained that a willow branch from one tree will merge and become "one flesh" with one of the same species that it comes in contact with! I haven't been back there in a long time, but I wonder how that grove is doing. Since my last visit they were nearly wiped out by floods.

    I am really excited about your willow dome!! I hope you will show us yearly updates. Probably by the first update there will be a grandchild sitting under the dome!

  2. Great idea! It would be a pleasant place to sit in the summer. :)

  3. Love this idea! We're in Western Washington. Wondering what time of year would be appropriate to go for it.


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