Saturday, April 11, 2020

Coronavirus Farm

I'm not entirely sure, but I think we're in the third week of "stay-at-home" life. Adam has been sick, not with Covid-19 it turns out, but with Mono. In addition, both mowers and our weed-eater were experiencing springtime refusal to operate, and new parts were ordered. Today, at last, we mowed. 
The beds in the house lot: herbs and some flowers
In the herb garden by the house, I put some itty-bitty basil plants out today.
This is the only annual I plant in my herb beds. The old herb bed looks a mess, but it's chock full of lemon balm, tarragon, cilantro, oregano, thyme, and a bit of mint that I rip up regularly.

The two teepee affairs are for sweet peas.
This horrible mass of weeds is actually many daffodils, whose greenery I must give a chance to yellow so they will bloom next year. My eucalyptus tree died there. Soon a huge tub of cherry tomatoes will sit there.

Weedy pasture:
The buttercups are blooming in the pasture.

In the veggie garden, the peas are lovely!
 We have a resident black snake living behind/inside the metal liner around this bed. He introduced himself to me yesterday.

The strawberries are hiding under a cover.

I picked four yesterday.
We're eating as much asparagus as we can. I'll freeze the leftover.
asparagus bed

I'm digging out the bed for okra, which I should sow soon.
The soil temp needs to be warm for okra. It grew so well here last year I'm doing more this year.

My year-old elderberry gave me five little elderberry starts this spring that I've put each in her own tire bed.
We'll see if they decide to live.
Tiny little thing.
What else? I'm awful with flower beds, but a little clump of Sweet William and something-else-I-should-remember, are blooming. See the encroaching grass, vetch, and onions? I'm more interested in my herbs.
And I put 3 lemongrass plants in the ground. There's a Sedum a friend gave me a cutting of.
I put it in the bed and it lived! You never know.

You'd think, being stuck at home, that we'd be vigorously addressing our 4 acres and being productive. Adam is too sick and tired to do much. And honestly, I'm giving myself a pass on the usual guilt-trip of productivity and accomplishment. The world seems fractured, living is scary, the immediate future is woefully uncertain, and I find it hard to focus on much. This is not despair I speak of, just stress. In God's hands, our lives are safe and we will be well. But if the grass grows high and the asparagus goes to seed, I will not worry over it. Don't you either. Much love from the farm!


  1. It all looks pretty productive to me! We can't plant anything for another month. I wonder if the greenhouse is even open for business? I'd like to play around with a few plants this summer. Yes, best not to stress over anything unnecessarily. Hope Adam feels better soon! I just went out and did some yard work. Now I'm sore all over and pooped. First real work I've done all winter! ;) Take care of yourselves!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry that Adam has mono. Exhausting!
    No, this isn't a time to be all busy. It's a good time to rest and enjoy God's grace and attentiveness. Happy Easter!

  3. In spite of Adam's being sick you two are doing great there at the farm. This is a time to step back and not rush so much to do everything we would like to do. We do what we can. Having fresh asparagus must be wonderful, your own strawberries too, and so much more. You are blessed. May Adam soon be all well, and may you both regain strength and motivation to enjoy your little farm to the fullest. I think you're doing great. Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. You have strawberries already? Wow.
    Over here I battle with wild Bleeding Heart invading my flowerbeds. Buttercup is just as bad. If it's in your pasture isn't that a problem? I seem to remember that it is toxic for any grass eating animal.
    Good news that Adam doesn't have Covid-19. It will take time to get over the mono.

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