Monday, August 14, 2017

Back Log of Farm News

 Mysterious insinuations of autumn prick my senses sometimes. It's August yet, so I try to ignore them.
 Much earlier this summer Adam took everything out of a dead beehive. He's cooking down the wax for me on our hodge-podge outdoor grill.

Occasionally we have foggy mornings on the farm.

 I love that misty look.
 Adam's been scything that far field of tall grass again.


 My apologies to those of you who detest spiders. I find their sparkling webs fascinating.
Asparagus in the morning.
 Loofah vines. I now have FOUR loofahs growing!
 You can see the patch Adam's scythed -- this photo was from a couple of weeks ago. (See how behind I am?) He's done more now, in spite of the daily rain :(

 We harvested one big, beautiful watermelon. Adam ate it because I'm not really a watermelon person.
 We continue to harvest cherry tomatoes and abundant cucumbers, although some of them are ruined by bugs.
 Adam has cut and dried some potato pieces to plant. The raw edges have to harden off a bit before planting. These have good eyes.
 I brought home from West Virginia some delicious peaches (below) and lots of Wolf River apples (which you can read about here). This will help stock my larder for the winter.
This morning (Monday ... after a very LONG and exhausting weekend for me), we finally have a few minutes of non-rain, so Adam is out mowing again. I will pick in the garden, clean the house a little, make more applesauce or maybe peach preserves, tend to chickens (hoping to give away a roo this week), but most importantly -- STAY HOME. I'm such a homebody. Ain't nobody wedging me out of this place today!