Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kinda Moving In

I'm a kitchen woman, myself. I want the kitchen looking cozy and homey before any other room.
Today I put things on the counter -- stand mixer, food processor, canisters, coffee fixin's, etc. I put a couple of cutie things on the windowsill over the sink.
That was about the happiest moment of my day, setting that vase and that pitcher there. For weeks, we have gone from doing one urgent thing to the next, with almost no time for fun. I want to nest, you know? Deconstructing a house is ugly work. The rooms echo. There's nowhere to sit, nothing to eat. And we've deconstructed without reconstructing -- our boxes and stuff are in the out-building; our furniture is in the garage.
But this morning ... the piano arrived! It will stay in an odd corner of the dining room, covered with a rug, until the time when its wall is ready for it. But it's in the house!
We finally ran out of room in the garage. And honestly, since the contractor is done in several of the rooms (except they were a frightful mess and the floor was deep in drywall dust) -- I didn't see why we couldn't move some furniture into the house, instead of moving it twice. He's had the entire house as his work room for two and a half weeks, but it's not necessary. He was very obliging, and I helped clean up the living room a little. There's still plenty of that insidious white dust to clean up ... another day.
So Adam and I hauled two couches, two tables, and two chairs into the living room. I covered them.
The dogs came along this afternoon. They've been nervy and clingy. They leap in the van and won't get out. They hate being left alone. I tried to get a photo of them in the house, but this is the best I could do - haha! You get a view of the horrible floor though.
Tomorrow is church and then a 5th Sunday Sing at our church with other neighborhood churches from Oriental in the evening, so we'll be busy all day.
Adam is frustrated with moving his other three bee hives. Hasn't happened yet. The hives are very heavy, and he'll need help to lift them. He tried again this morning and tonight. Tonight one of the hives slipped a little and the bees went crazy -- attacking the tail lights of the truck like it was the Great Honey Monster. He's been stung more this weekend that he had in a while. So he's a bit discouraged by the failure to move these last bees. I tell him ... it'll happen. Eventually.


  1. It's a start, at least your in the house now. Glad to hear the piano made the move safely. : )

  2. I sure understand your need to nest and make it cozy. Your progress looks pretty fast to me as I see things through your posts. I'm sure it seem pretty drawn out when you're living in the midst of it. But it's SO worth it! I love the greenery out your kitchen window. I always loved the pictures of Tasha Tudor's kitchen in one of her books. All sorts of knicknacks and homey things. Your nest will be just as charming, as it will never be completely finished because you'll keep rearranging and trying new things. In your very own home! And then there's all that beautiful stuff outside. You two will never be bored. There will always be something to work on. That's part of the fun. :) How's Julia's school going? Hugs to all! That hymn sing sounds like fun!

  3. Bless your hearts! You're almost moved in. I hope the bees get moved safely for them and for Adam.

    You are taking a wreck and making it your home sweet home and you've made forward progress. Just take things one day at a time.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. and you're WILL happen! be gentle with yourselves and don't go so fast you injure yourselves. I do know what it means to want to nest; seems like since Dave died I've been going from one urgent to the next and the only down time I get is when I get hurt. I'm ready to NEST myself -lol-.

  5. God bless you, Dear, and give you peace in the exhaustion. So happy to see the piano is home! And the window over the kitchen sink is a huge centering place.

  6. You are getting there! I too am a "kitchen girl" and love to spend much of my time there. I would have done the same and nested in that room first. :)

    May the Lord give you the strength that is needed for the remainder of work you need to accomplish. Soon you will have time to rest and enjoy your blessed new home.

    Good to visit with you ~ Debbie

  7. That moving in stage is always so tough. I think I'll remember what box things are in but I never do! And having to do repairs or remodeling first is another challenge in patience. Still, it's always worth it once it's all said and done.

  8. I totally get your when you say putting the things in the window was the happiest moment. Mindfulness. So hard to achieve, but such a blessing when it happens. I so understand. Praying for you, and so sorry you're having to plow ahead without help. Folks just don't get it.


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