Saturday, November 28, 2015

It Runs In the Family

We have all the family here for Thanksgiving, and that means our 24 year old and 21 year old sons are both here. And that means some good Man Work can happen!The day after Thanksgiving Adam dashed to town early to get some more pipe. He's desperate to finish up those trenches for his watering system. He did finish the line to the garage today.
One job for the boys was to help their daddy push this semi-dead Jaguar into the garage.
First the garage had to be tidied:

The car still has a rather terrifying-looking dashboard. Adam actually drove it part-way to the farm when we moved. But the power windows didn't work, and it got really hot in the car. So he stopped to get out and cool off (it was summer), and turned off the car. And it wouldn't start again. It's a project he still needs to finish off, but he did successfully put in a new wiring harness, which is no small thing.
It really will be a pretty car someday.
A Black Friday sale at Lowe's was this shelf system for the garage to assist in the Great Garage Project.
Another big project is the clearing of the orchard. Peter is such a hard-working man machine; we gave him a mattock and sheers and such implements, and let him go.
Here's the grape vine on one side, now visible. He dug out almost all the saplings, mostly pine trees.
He reached about 2/3 of the way to the back of the orchard, to the biggest apple tree:
Look how clear it is! Lots of vines left though, but he took out so, so many of the saplings, roots and all.
The orchard gate:
I know it's hard to see, but this represents so much progress! I hauled away much of the big stuff Peter hacked down. Later this winter Adam will prune back the trees (that are alive) and the grapevine.
Long avenues are clear now. There's one line of fruit trees in various states of neglect. On the other side is a line of wax myrtles. Adam wants to save and transplant these if he can, to the front of the property as a break between the house and the road.
Thursday night we had a massive bonfire with the tree branches Adam cleaned out a couple of weeks ago.
The orchard will provide many bonfires, I'm sure. All the 'kids' go back home tomorrow morning, and our work schedule will return to normal. I'm so thankful for all they've done! Can you tell that they get it from their daddy? It runs in the family.


  1. Hard working men! (And, you!) Just love that bonfire!

  2. If you've got an Ollies, "Good Stuff Cheap!" anywhere near, they have black plastic shelving that'll hold several hundred pounds and way less expensive than the metal shelving. I've got 2 of those metal bread racks...bought them several decades ago and have carted them around...but have 2 or 3 of the black plastic. They are easier to move too.

  3. How nice that your kids helped with all that work.
    The car looks like quite a project. Adam is a man of many talents!!


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