Thursday, November 19, 2015


I went to Lowe's this morning to buy two more ceiling fans. I got good deals on both of them. Then I drifted into their plant area. I was hoping for some discounted plants, and I was not disappointed. Just as I was perusing the discounted ones, a Lowe's employee came up and said, "They're not 50% off. They're now 75% off. Oh, and that includes the Knock-Out roses over there."
It seems everyone down here has Knock-Out roses. They do well here, blooming all spring/summer/fall. They thrive in the salty air, apparently. These were discounted from $19 to $4.50, So I bought three, not wanting to be piggish.
Adam did the digging. You see how close we are to the road.
They look quite happy, nestled in there, and they will be well watered in tonight with a good rain coming.
The temperature today was perfection. The breeze was brisk and pleasant. No mosquitoes. I sat out side briefly and watched the wind blow Beau's fur as he closed his eyes and smiled into it. My sentiments exactly!
So I turned off the heat, opened the windows, and let the breeze blow from the front door (where I'm standing) straight through to the kitchen on the far end in this photo. Nice breeze! As I write this (10:28 PM and I'm up too late), the rain is gently falling outside.
I had pity on a sad little $1 plant at Lowe's and we gave it a home too. It has a name I never can remember that starts with "Eu ..." something. I call it "specklety bush." It's ugly. One must have at least one ugly duckling.
Hello, ugly duckling.


  1. Yay for good deals! We are hunkering down for cold planting up here. I am trying to get a rosemary plant started from seed, but it is struggling. I have it on the dining room table. This week my friend is hosting an open house for me, so I am crafting and making and going crazy in a good way :)

  2. Wow good deal. Too bad you didn't live near me. The people who lived here before planted LOTS of them all over the yard. Way too many. I still have about 20 of them around the yard after getting rid of about 30 of them.

  3. Eucalyptus? Ha! Just a shot in the dark! Love those roses! What a homey place you have. :)

  4. Good deal on your fans and roses and the ugly duckling too.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady


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