Friday, May 27, 2016

Adam Is Converted

As you know, I make a product called Salve Plantain. It's fabulous for burns and minor skin abrasions. It's also good relief for minor cases of poison ivy. But my family are not fans of my 'green goo,' and they turn up their noses at what Adam kindly calls my "prairie medicine."
old tub of salve plantain from my medicine cabinet
But Adam is severely allergic to poison ivy, and when a man is clearing as much weed, vine, and brush as he is, he's bound to catch a bit of that nasty rash. He did, Wednesday. In spite of correct clothing, immediate hot showering, and immediate clothes washing, he caught it all around his lower legs. Inevitably he will need a shot at the doctor's office. His poison ivy always gets that bad. By Wednesday night it was already seeping and oozing.
the area that Adam cleared of brush that day
But Adam's doctor moved, and his appointment for today was postponed. Oh no! Late Wednesday night, after I'd gone to bed, he scoured the internet for home remedies and solid advice. And you know what they told him to do. Oh yes. Plantain!
plantain leaf
plantain seed stalk
It must've been as hard for him as for Naaman to wash in the Jordan, but he did it. He took a blazing hot bath, and then he went outside in my lovely plantain patch ...
one healthy plantain plant
Oh, didn't I tell you that I'm cultivating my very own big patch of plantain? No?
The center bed is a shade bed for flowers.
All the green stuff around it is my plantain bed!!
Adam has told me it looks weedy. Whatever.

But he gathered big handfuls of straight plantain leaves, ripped them up and crushed them, and rubbed them vigorously all up and down his lower legs.

The next morning he told me his poison ivy has dried up. It's stopped oozing and is scabbing over. I can't tell you how amazing that is! His poison ivy never, ever does that on its own. He even used the word "miraculous," which is something, coming from a pastor.

And I'm feeling ever so slightly vindicated. :)


  1. Yay! My Jenny uses your salve. It's great!

  2. He learned the hard way! But at least he knows what to do in future.

  3. Ha! What a great story and testimonial. I wonder if I can grow it here...

  4. Very interesting plant - over 200 species! Probably one of them grows as a weed around here...

    1. I bet it does, GJ. It's a pretty hardy weed.

  5. Humble pie with crow doesn't taste as bad as one would think!

  6. So glad it worked! I should have some of that around the house!

  7. Sometimes those "home remedies" really are better than taking a pill prescribed by a doctor. So glad Adam found relief from the Poision Ivy.

  8. 'prairie medicine' it! yep, believe in natural...iow, God's own remedies...and don't care much for big pharm meds with all their nasty side effects. for which they give more, more, more pills with nasty side effects for which...etc.
    when we first moved to the farm, first I planted tomatoes and basil, next I planted a medicinal herb garden. what else do you have planted?

    1. Not sure if they're all medicinal, but here goes: basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, chervil, camomile, hyssop, cilantro, thyme, dill, parsley, lemongrass, borage, lovage, lemon verbena, lemon balm, cinnamon basil, savory, mint.

  9. That is SO awesome! You know I love me some plantain too! I've got a gob of it growing in my lower backyard that is more of a "wilderness" section. I'm planning to pick to dry for the times in winter when I don't have it fresh. It's a great medicinal tea as well!


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