Thursday, December 22, 2016

One More Garden Bed

Alright, avid readers. I know you've all been dying to see the last long bed. Here it is! Adam removed the big metal cucumber frame and extended that bed through the old greenhouse location, joining the bed on the other side.
He's run out of metal from the roofing job, so now he's using small wood timbers as a temporary bed border.
Here's that metal frame. We both think it might make a good bed border itself, if the mesh were removed.
I regularly check my herb bed. I'd read about which of my current herbs should be winter hardy here. My tarragon seems to be surviving. We had 19 degree temps last week, and it's still green.
And way down underneath at the base of the plant, see the fresh green sprouts of tarragon coming out? They're the ones with the four-leaf star shape.
Another hardy herb is my lemon balm, although it's outer leaves are burnt.
Again, there's beautiful new greenery underneath, hiding like baby chicks under the fluffy mother.
I'm watching my two new rosemary plants carefully. They seem happy. Yesterday I was about to pluck out the weeds from this planter when one of them caught my attention. It looked familiar -- it's on the far right side.
See that? It's cilantro!!! In December! Can you believe it? It reseeded itself somehow from the herb bed into this tire tub. I tasted it ... and yep, it's definitely cilantro, my favorite herb. How cool is that?
I will watch its future progress with great interest.


  1. Don't you love it when things just volunteer to reseed themselves? :)

  2. You guys must be good weeders! I hate weeding. Your farmy endeavors are amazing.
    Oh! We don't eat Chinese food EVERY Christmas eve but this year Jenny requested it.


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