Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When Everything Happens at Once!

After more than a year, these fellows came to our little farm at last.
They're clearing tree limbs for the power lines along our two-lane highway. Adam talked with them, and they agreed to come dump all the wood chips/mulch that they cut-and-grind, here on our farm! Yay!! Free mulch!
They delivered the first pile this morning. Adam's spent the whole day thus far hauling mulch in the wheelbarrow back to the garden.
He'll mulch between the garden beds and other places we want to keep weeds down. And speaking of garden beds, I finished planting the spring bed. The close end now has a row of peas with a row of spinach in front of it. That's FIFTY FEET of spring garden yumminess!!
It doesn't look like much now, but hopefully it will later! It's the worst of the garden beds, as you see -- it doesn't have any edging to keep weeds at bay. Much of this bed was actually under last year's greenhouse and hasn't been a bed before.
Yesterday Adam worked on bees before they were flying. It was a cool morning. He's putting two heavy posts into the ground. They used to be stands for grinding telescope lenses. The bases are cement in 5-gallon buckets. The buckets are buried, so these stands will be quite solid. He'll build a new bee table atop them and raise the hives higher than they presently are.
This morning our asparagus is looking lovely. Lots of spears coming up. We will give it another year at least to strengthen and proliferate.
Adam is trying again to start new fig trees in the hoop house. Last year I think we failed to keep them moist enough, and none of the cuttings took. We'll see how it goes this year.
One willow branch is also there, given by a farmer friend. We have plenty of low spots just perfect for a pretty willow tree.
Below, you see our old collard/kale bed from the winter. Soon it will be full of strawberries. It's about 2 feet by 5 feet.
Adam bought some fun new additions to the farm: two packages each of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and grapes.
Today I planted the strawberries in their bed, kicking the kale out just in time. We ate the kale for lunch in a salad :) There were 22 little strawberry plants in those two boxes. I do hope they thrive! It's a very nice bed for them.
A local chicken lady also gave me two new hens. You can see the one on the right is younger -- she's not full-sized yet.
It's wise to keep them segregated for a while and incorporate them very slowly into the flock. Hens can be mean. This is a large dog kennel, but Adam also put together a small new coop from some things around the farm, and it's in the old chicken yard.
We still have some chilly weather coming and some freezing temps, so we are not quite "free-and-clear" for spring, even in this balmy part of the world. So much is blooming, including forsythia.
Baby, our new farm dog, is just doing great! We are so pleased about how nicely she's settled in. She seems relaxed and happy, and not stressed and afraid as she was at first.
Last but not least, I must announce a personal mile-stone. A little while ago I went on the front porch-cum-greenhouse, and I saw a small brown snake there. slithering along the wall. And I didn't scream. That is a major accomplishment!


  1. Lots of good stuff developing at your place! I'm glad the new doggy is working out and new hens are an exciting addition. Congrats on not screaming! :)

  2. Lots going on at your farm. I love the name of your blog! 😊

  3. What a GREAT post about the doings there at Red Robin Farm. I am so proud of you two. Free mulch, free chicks, and you didn't scream when you saw that snake. Forward progress dear friend.

    Love & hugs and have fun watching your garden beds grow.


  4. Wow! So exciting!! There is nothing so heartening as cooperating with nature and seeing fruits of your labors. God bless your farm!

  5. I don't mind creepy crawlies, but I think I might have screamed if I'd seen the snake. We absolutely NEVER see them here except in horror movies.

  6. Things coming along nicely at the farm. : )
    Glad to hear Baby is settling in fine and good luck with the new hens.


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