Monday, July 17, 2017

Good-bye, Mr. Fig

 Julia came in the house last night and said to us, "You know the fig tree fell over, right?"
No, we didn't.
 The tree was huge, and the vast majority of the fruit was inaccessible to us, it was so high. Adam was planning to cut off these long branches after it bore this summer anyway.
 The root ball lifted a bit from the soil. We had lots of heavy rain this past weekend, and the heavily-loaded branches were hanging low.
 Look at all that green fruit! What a shame!
Only 3 or 4 were ripe and plump. Most were small and green.
Part of the tree is intact, so it will grow again and be a more manageable size.
But y'know what? I have five pints of fig preserves left from last year. My mother loves it, and I take it to her, and I've given some away, but I don't prefer fig preserves, myself.
I now prefer pear butter, of course! I canned five and a half more pints!
 And regarding tomato paste, I made another batch. This time I didn't freeze it all in a bag together. I dolloped it by tablespoons on a cookie sheet and froze them.
 Then I pried them off with a spatula, put them in a freezer bag, and back into the freezer they went, easier to use.
Friends gave us some beautiful corn, which we took off the cob and froze as well.
The deep freezer and the canning shelves are getting fuller and fuller!


  1. Aw! Well, I'm not a big fan of figs, either. The tree is pretty, though.
    You're a good canner, MK!

  2. I'm so sorry about your fig tree. My husband, especially, enjoys figs. I've not had fig preserves before. I'm with you when it comes to pear butter though. I love to have some on my toast in the mornings!

    1. P.S. I am wondering how you make your tomato paste. I love the way you've done it with the dollops and freezing it.

  3. Don't care for figs either. What a great idea freezing the tomato paste in dollops like that. I'm also wondering how you make tomato paste.

  4. I like figs. I hope your tree comes back in a manageable way. I like pear butter too. Good idea on the tomato paste.

  5. I remember liking fresh figs off the tree as a child. Haven't tried the preserves. It's a satisfying feeling to fill the freezer and shelves, isn't it? :)


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