Saturday, September 2, 2017

More Empty Nest Behaviors

I now know what The Empty Nest feels like. Hmm. New, different, wonderful but sometimes a bit empty and quiet. I enjoyed the first week or two, throwing myself into moving furniture and clearing things out, setting up my oh-so-fun craft room. Today is the first day I've sat around thinking, "Hmm. What do I do now?"
Anyway, before this pondering, I did finish some curtains for the other little house, AKA Julia's old room:
 They give privacy but allow some light in.
And a new one for the door:
I also, at last, made a simple skirt from this chicken-themed fabric. I'd bought it to make an apron, so (as you'd guess) the skirt has ended up shorter than my preferred ankle-length. I plan to buy some muslin to make a built-in underskirt or slip, that will hang longer.
Cute fabric, huh?
 I finished a rather unusual weave:
 And for the first time in a very long time, I went to Prayer Shawl at the Methodist Church on Thursday! It was delightful to see my old yarn buddies again and sit and click some needles in their company. I started a basketweave shawl:
The yarn is actually very blue; size 15 needles
 These are NOT our farm pumpkins. We have no pumpkins this year. I photographed these at WalMart.
 Our second go-around with potatoes are sprouting up now:
 And it appears we will have a good pecan year ... we hope. Some of the trees are loaded.
 Lastly, I had a bit of a scare today, walking back from the chicken coop (where Punkin was trying to lay). We'd noticed Ned had a swollen neck (jowel, hanging down below), and we wondered if he'd had another run-in with a snake. Here, they sat in the sun (after the thunderstorm), but notice the foreground ....
 I stepped so close to him! I squealed, oh did I squeal! Thankfully, Ned had already killed him. You can't see it here, but there are flies on him.
This is another one of those yellow-bellied (really orange-bellied) water snakes. They are pretty creepy to look at, but they are not venomous.
So THANK YOU, Ned, for being my protector and killing all snakes on the farm! Oh, how I do loathe the look of them.
Punkin was on an egg-laying strike for about five days, but she appears to be back up and running again. Life is generally quiet on the farm. We do hear from Julia, and she seems to be doing very well at college. That makes my mama heart at ease.
I hope you are enjoying your September thus far! Cooler days are coming!


  1. Oh, snakes really give me the creeps.
    I love your curtains! Very cute.
    You do feel it when all the kids are out of the house, don't you? You will find your rhythm soon. You'll get nice and slothful like me.

  2. So, what caused Ned's neck to swell? Good dog for killing the snake.

    Your curtains are cute.

    Have a great holiday and week ~ FlowerLady

  3. You're a busy bee! The little house is really cute. The knitting project looks very complex to my eyes! I hope Ned is okay. Yes, it's hard to get used to an empty nest.


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