Monday, September 5, 2016

That First Cool Morning

(Note - this post was written in late August. I saved it in a draft and failed to publish it for days and days.)
This morning was it -- the first morning when Adam said to me, "Go out the back door and feel that air. It's cool." And it was.
He scythed in front of the bees, always a nervous thing.
They get after him, and he has to come back later to finish up.
My camera went caputee last time before I could take all the veggie pictures I wanted to share with you, particularly this tall tomato plant. Look at it! One of the last ones I put into a bed, it didn't seem a likely candidate for Best Tomato this year. It's about 7 feet tall.
Most of our other tomatoes are perking up a lot with somewhat cooler weather. They're growing again, putting out new flowers and fruit, and looking happy.
See? I don't trim them or cut out suckers or anything. As one gardener said, "Why would you take away the plants source of food -- the leaves that photosynthesize?" Good point. And my tomatoes have done very well this year, better than any year when I pinched anything off.

We've had a few pretty peppers this year too.
Our beans. They've finally slithered up those strings, but we've never gotten many actual beans off them. We live in hope.
The little asparagus bed is looking good. Of course, when you take plants from the greenhouse and put them into a bed, they're a bit shocked. But they've put up new shoots, so their roots are establishing.
Horseradish. We have two nice clumps.
Our corn failed because of weeds. Our sunflowers also, probably because we went cheap and didn't buy good seed. Live and learn!

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  1. I'm glad you have cool air out the back door in the morning!


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