Saturday, October 29, 2016

Improving the Herb Bed

Adam's doing something new with our herb garden.
This was early yesterday, and the improvements weren't quite finished yet.
He's using the clipped ends of each roof panel from the little building, crimping them together, and burying them around the herb bed to make a nice barrier.
He had to cut each one in half again.
What's in that bed, you ask?
The bed will be horseshoe shaped, and we are looking in at the opening of the horseshoe. On the left are cinnamon basil, lemon balm and lemon verbena. On the right, at the far end of the bed is the basil. The low growth in front of it is a swath of oregano that will overwinter. the gorgeous green stand with yellow blooms is tarragon -- oh so pretty! On the far right edge you see our lemongrass. I hope to dig it out, divide it, repot it, and overwinter it on our front porch ... which Adam plans to turn into a temporary greenhouse. We shall see! I certainly don't have room in the house for several large lemongrass pots. I also have a small bay tree in there. And today I added two new rosemary bushes (tiny ones) in two of Adam's raised tire beds. Let's hope they survive this time.
The herb bed edging will be completed when the remaining roof panels arrive and the roofing job is complete. The projects are never-ending!


  1. How cold does it get at your place in the winter? Does Adam have plans to build a greenhouse or cold frame eventually? He is so handy, I bet he could find old windows to put together, or something... I have complete confidence in him as your SuperHandyHusband ;-)

  2. It does sound lovely! I adore Lemon Verbena. Wish I could grow it although I've got Lime mint now which is quite good!

  3. Cool! Repurposing is such a great thing to do. I was going to say I hope he covers the edges so that you won't cut yourself on the edges, but see that he has already crimped the edge over.

    This is going to be a wonderful herb bed which you will enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing and God's continued blessings on you there on your farm.



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