Saturday, January 28, 2017

It's a Hoop House!

I learned today that what we have is not a greenhouse, which is made of glass, but a hoop house, which is made with rounded supports and stiff plastic sheeting. Today was the Big Move -- it was no small task to get the hoop house from near the barn into the garden.
Before putting the hoop house in the garden, Adam finished fencing in the garden on the far side.
 Then he hung this big aluminum frame (with wire mesh in the middle) by hinges across one section of the fence to make a wide gate. Might come in handy later although it's not the entrance we use every day or even every week.
 Then began the arduous task of disassembling the hoop house where he'd built it by the barn, dragging the walls into the garden, and reassembling it there. Here's the back end:
 Adam did 90% of the dragging and 100% of the lifting needed, and we wore ourselves out getting those two walls in place.
 The footprint of the hoop house is below. In the center foreground of the photo, you see one of the pieces of re-bar onto which the metal hoop slips to hold it upright.
 We stood both walls upright and braced them to the ground.
 A view of the garden. I'm standing in the near, small gate. The barn is behind me. The big garden gate Adam just hung today is on the far right side, way down there. It's a big garden, and someday we hope to fill it all up with beds.
 Adam got all the sides lined up. He put six other re-bar stakes in the ground, and we slid those 3 hoops onto them.
 He's holding a little piece of wood where one of the side rails will be. There's a lot more to be done. The side rails will be 2x3's. He'll use wiggle wire (as he did on the front porch project) to keep the plastic sheeting snug to the hoop house frame.
And he hung the screen door for me too, because it's pretty.
It's quite exciting! This is (I guess) the big farm project this year, and it looks like a success. I can't wait to be in there, fiddling with seedlings and dirt. And I must say I'm very proud of Adam for his hard work and for doing the literal heavy lifting. Hoorah for the Hoop House!


  1. It does look good and that's a lot of hard work, but is already worth it for the joy it gives you and the many plants that will be started in it.

    Thanks for sharing this project ~ FlowerLady

  2. A great achievement. It will be a lovely warm place to potter with seedlings etc. Your weather already looks amazing in your photos. I can't remember what warm sunshine feels like!

  3. So, so splendid!! You will love it, for sure. I can see that it will get lots more sun than my greenhouse :-)


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