Thursday, October 19, 2017

In Chicken News ...

Lately, Bernie has taken to sitting on the orchard fence like he's the boss of the world. He sits there and crows.
Bernie, in mid-crow
And for weeks Punkin has refused to leave the coop. She won't go into the orchard. It's not good for her to have no sunlight or fresh air. She scurries around that dark, spider-webbed coop All Day Long. So today I decided I'd move her in with the new flock (Arthur and his girls). Remember Arthur? (He's bigger now - this is an old photo.)
I scooped Punkin up. She squalled. Bernie squalled. I told him he'd lost one of his girls. I put an unwilling Punkin into the isolation cage, which is inside the new chicken yard where Arthur and his girls live.
They were quite interested in the new arrival.

All these chickens already know each other, but Punkin is such a mean hen, I'm delaying introducing her to these young(ish) ones, until I know they can beat her up. Seriously -- she's a bully.

Also, Adam's been making more leaves.


This is the first one, that had too many bubbles.
Now he's added purple veining on top of the green wash.
And we continue to gather and shell pecans, trying to figure out which trees have good nuts and which don't. 
I've had a plant for a VERY long time -- it's a "creeping fig," I found out today. Here's a blog banner photo I took of it about ten years ago.
It's been in that very pot for a decade (at least). I nearly killed it twice for lack of water. Yesterday I saw a creeping fig plant in a doctor's office courtyard, protected and growing with abandon against a brick wall in the warm sun. It looked so happy. I decided to yank mine out of its pot, divide it, repot, and think about where in the yard I could place mine, where it would be protected enough to survive over the winter.

The farm is quiet. The dogs are happy. I'm trying to spend more time outside or painting or writing, and less time being irritated at rude people on Facebook. Who needs that?


  1. Adam's leaves are getting prettier with each batch. I don't know much about chickens . . . I've been thinking about getting some, but just can't make up my mind. I thought about three . . . fresh eggs sound heavenly.

  2. It's good to make leaves while the sun shines! :)
    Yes, painting and writing sure beat rude folks on Facebook. I'm thinking your creeping fig will be very grateful for the opportunity to grow wild and free! Have fun farmers! :)

  3. Adam is getting quite good at making those leaves. : )
    Hope all those chickens can get along with each other!
    I love pecans. Nice to have a tree of them. They are quite expensive too.

  4. Loved your story about Punkin, there always seems to be a bully in the bunch, lol.
    we have chickens , they are so entertaining.

    The leaves are pretty, and I love pecans, we have a small tree, but the squirrels beat us to them.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Is there no end to your skills? Hen diplomacy is quite an unusual one but I can see how necessary it is.


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