Thursday, January 24, 2019

One Warm Day!

Yesterday (Jan. 23): 63 degrees outside, not much wind and a bit of sunshine!
The sun peeked over the clouds in mid-morning.
I'm eager to be outside, eager to put my fingers in some soil! I hauled two loads of dark compost in the wheelbarrow up to my newer herb bed, spreading it out to nourish that soil.

The next project I've been eager to do is clean out two little tire planters on either side of our driveway. I planted annuals in them last spring/summer, but they were full of weeds. I also noticed some random daffodils bulbs peeking up in the yard where they ought not be. After cleaning out the tire planters I rescued the bulbs and put them in there.

 The two planters, ready for spring!
Daffodils are also well up around the big fig tree.
 The fig tree looks awful because we've gradually been pruning it back hard. At last all the branches are reachable.
Daffies are up!
 The new branches of the fig tree are loaded with buds.
What was Adam doing all this time, while I labored in the yard. Aside from filling the wheelbarrow tire with air, he was diagnosing my dying washing machine.
It still ran, but agitation was very slow, and it would not spin the water out of the clothes well at all. He took it all apart and discovered a bad clutch. (Who knew? My washer was a manual shift?) He's ordered the part and soon I'll have a happier laundry situation.

I spent some time studying the vegetable garden, planning locations for the crops this spring. Here's a rough diagram, based on rotating plants away from where they were last year:
Monday is Adam's date for getting started in the garden, weeding out the beds and prepping them for spring. I need to get onion sets in the ground soon. I already have my seeds for peas and early greens. And this spring we'll be eating our asparagus for the first time! I can't wait.


  1. Your handwriting looks exactly like mine! (The garden plan.) It's nice to have a handy man around to fix things! Our spring is so far behind yours. I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog! :)

  2. Your figs seem to have responded to your good pruning! When I saw this, I ran out to see if mine have buds. They are a bit behind yours, but then my back garden seems to be cold generally.

  3. While your spring flowers are coming up, we are in the deep freeze here. I'll enjoy it through your blog. I hope your washing machine gets well soon!

  4. Gotta take advantage of any warm days! You got a lot done and I know it feels good. What a relief your washing machine can be fixed. Dan has kept mine going, thanksfully.

  5. I agree, I'm also suffering gardening withdrawal symptoms. But the weather here is so cold. It looks like there will be a mild spell next week. Guess what I'll be doing!


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