Saturday, October 31, 2015

Good Things Happenin'

Our roof is in the process of being repaired! It was scraped, duct taped (temporarily), and now has had self-adhesive metal tape, a primer, and elastomeric paint applied. It has one more coat to go. This is a happy thing!
Adam dug out the beginning of our shade garden and I put these lamb's ears in the ground. This pot divided into four little plants.
He sent me a text while I was at the farmer's market selling soaps and such. He was installing pipe into the trenches in the field! I didn't know he was starting that today. Below is the "T" where the garage pipe goes off the main pipe. He's joined the "T" and buried it already.
The pipe in its trench:
This is the windy section near the compost bins. Still some joining to be done here. He needs to buy more pipe; he bought all that our local Ace homebuilders' store had.
While at the market, a friend stopped by my table to show me her incredibly cute new puppy. Oh my!
It was a sunny, happy, busy day at the market with lots of vendors and lots of  boaters in town. We're heading into the holiday season when I sell more wares. Soon we hope this sign will say Red Robin Farm, and not just Red Robin Soaps -- and we'll be selling farm produce.


  1. SO glad about the roof! :) It's exciting to think of selling your farm products at the farmer's market! Your dream is taking shape! :)

    1. It will just be winter greens until the spring. We'll have more next summer, plus the wheat. This winter we will only sell our excess that we don't eat.

  2. What a fast worker your husband is and the roof is looking good as well.

  3. Such a relief about the roof, I know you'll be glad to get that last coat on before winter. It looks good.

    Boy, Adam is taking right off on all of these projects. Reminds me of my DH. :-)

    Your table sign is very nice! Hope you sell LOTS.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. So glad for your roof fix-up.
    Lots of pipe happening.
    All the best as you hit your "Christmas Season" sales.

  5. Very happy to hear about the roof! What a blessing that will be to have that all fixed up. Your husband has done a LOT of digging! looking good.
    I saw your post about the soap packaging. Could you store it in plastic, then display it unwrapped, then slip it into plastic for the customer to take home? I like to be able to smell the soap I'm thinking of buying. Then it can also look prettier for the display.
    Anyways, hope you sell lots.

  6. Heaps going on there, and a cute pup.

  7. Lovely, lovely. Lambs ears make a nice ground cover. Mine turn brown in winter but are zip-a-dee-doo-dah fast to come up again in spring. They spread nicely!


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