Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Leaf Piles

We did grass piles. We did manure piles. Now we move on to leaf piles.
Not very exciting.
 Except there are so many of them! Adam raked all the leaves from all the massive pecan trees -- last year's leaves, mind you. Then he drove around in the little truck and collected all the piles and took it to the mulch piles and compost bins.

 Manure on the left. Leaves on the right. With the leaves, Adam raked up last year's dead pecans. Now when the pecans fall in the coming month, it will be only new pecans. We'll gather and sell them (hopefully).
In the middle of one compost bin is an old plastic trash can. Adam put in some very old potatoes, full of eyes and sprouts, and covered them with straw. As they grow, he'll add more compost. We'll harvest the potatoes in the spring.
That man always has some plan. His goal is to grow excellent soil, and from that for us to be able to eat from the land instead of from Piggly Wiggly. 
The girls came along and enjoyed the farmish day.

Beau sticks close to his daddy and pretends Maggie doesn't exist. He's convinced she will return to wherever she came from. Ha!
The girls carried Maggie back to the house. What a pretty day.
While I took the clothes off the line, they chatted on the porch. See Maggie's head? She's popular around here :)


  1. Aw, what a lovely family day on the farm! So much good stuff to do. A beautiful place to live! :)

  2. So much to do an a farm. I'm enjoying reading about your farm very much.
    I have to get out and rake the leaves in my yard. We have LOTS.
    Yes, I did see Maggie's head. : )


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