Friday, October 23, 2015

Winter Greens

The beds are covered with a nice tone of green from all the tiny leaves developing. They are past the seed leaf stage, and on to real leaves.
These are radishes. My bad photography skills didn't capture the biggest leaves.

The greens are coming, but slowly because of the cooler temps, and because we got so much rain flooding , and now for two weeks we've got NO rain :(   What's up with that? Adam's wheat hasn't germinated yet because of that. Ah well. God knows what He's doing, and we must wait. Meanwhile, the greens are coming along nicely!


  1. It's hard to believe you've got greens already. You two are moving right along there on the farm.


  2. I didn't even know you could plant a garden in the fall, that's how much I know about farming. : )


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