Friday, January 8, 2016

Mouse Patrol

This morning I decided to bite the bullet, as they say, and address the most mousy place in our old farm house ... under the kitchen sink.

I've been avoiding this task. But I knew from the mouse droppings and the volume of mouse poison being consumed, that it was a Very Mousy Place.
Adam put this poison bait down there yesterday; it was already half eaten, 24 hours later.
I got my stool, sat in front of the sink, opened the doors, and pulled everything out. Then I began to spray and wipe.
Great mouse holes abound under our sink. I plugged a couple with steel wool, and a few others with old dry sponges. I told Adam we need some of that hole-filler stuff in a can. We had a can of it under the sink, but of course it was so old I couldn't even get the cap off!
I pulled out my two tubs of cleaning supplies, cleaned out the tubs, threw out some stuff, and reorganized.
In one spot in one tub, the mice had truly set up residence. They'd chewed up lots of sawdust and made some sort of nest, I think. It did not smell like other mouse nests I've smelled in my time. They'd also chewed into a plastic container of drain cleaner. I wonder what they thought of that!
A few items had drifted down there and belonged elsewhere.
And then I texted Adam (who was back by the barn) to tell him we had a leak under the sink. I found water and bubbled down there, indicating I'd just dumped some water below when I finished doing dishes. (sigh) Adam came to examine:
 He had help, as you see. Adam has done just about every kind of work there is to do around an old house. He had that plumbing fixed in no time.
I will not tell you how much mouse poop I wiped up under there. We have declared all-out war on mice. Sometimes I sit in the quiet house and instead of hearing the clocks tick I hear the mice nibbling on that rock-hard poison. It's a little disturbing.
In other farm news, Adam's made great progress clearing out the orchard, but he wrenched his elbow a bit, tearing vines out of the trees. He's also been scything some areas around the little guest house. And he's hoping (beyond hope) that it will dry enough to continue laying water pipe in the ground. Tonight his hip is hurting, and his bad leg makes him limp. The damp, cold weather got him so disheartened this morning that he had to bake. That's when you know it's bad! haha! He made blueberry muffins to cope.
I don't like his discouragement, but I sure do enjoy his coping mechanisms.


  1. Argh! So glad my house is mouse free! I've used a lot of those blue poison pellets in my day. Having lots of cats around has helped, too! I like the pic of Adam and his sidekick. And the blueberry muffins look mouthwatering! :)

  2. The puppy is SO adorable! Thank you for your visit and your great comments, MK!

  3. I know some people who successfully keep dogs and cats in the same house. Maybe a good mouser would solve the problem.

  4. Sorry Adam is hurting but those muffins sure look good. : )
    I was thinking maybe a good mouser is what you need too.

  5. Hope the mouse situation is soon under control.

    Sorry to hear Adam is hurting, but look what deliciousness came in spite of his hurts.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Mice are messy. We have put bait down, but we think our mouse thrives on it. Droppings show up every couple of days. This guy explores my knife drawer (shades of "Three Blind Mice). I've taken out the knives. Now it's just the apparently-delicious bait. Blueberry muffins certainly are helpful, aren't they? Best coping mechanism I can think of unless it's ice cream...

  7. Oh, we've had lots of mice out and about this place. thankfully, none in the house, but so many at the chicken coop, barns, granaries. I've got a couple of barn cats (mousers) that have done a great job. Their quite fat and sassy.

    Does Adam ever soak in a hot Epsom Salt bath? It does me a lot of good when I get achy. Blueberry muffins look like a good way to feel better too.

  8. Yes, I think mousers are better than poison. Barn cats are maintenance free! Our Sarah Jane has became too old and fat to bother with mice.


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