Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Coming In!

Here's this morning's garden gathering:
The last of the peas, the first of the broccoli. Cucumbers keep coming at two or thee daily. And the tomatoes are doing great!
Those yellow pear tomatoes are adorable.
Our herb bed is doing very well. Nothing has died, and most things are thriving.
The oregano has exploded. I had this oregano in a long rectangular pot for many years. I think when it realized it was finally in real soil, it screamed, "FREEDOM!!!"
Bushy basil:
 I noticed that one flower head of my dill was limp and lying over. Then I noticed why ...
The parsley is fabulous and healthy.
 The cilantro went to seed ...
... but all that means is that we have lots of coriander!
I finally bought myself a Lady Banks Rose. I had one in Statesville about six years ago, and oh! how I miss her! I put this one inside the little wooden arch that Adam cleared out recently.
She's small, but I've always heard that they grow so fast, so I'm hoping she'll be all over this archway by summer's end.The English ivy that encased this arch was very well established:
One of the thick ivy vines at its base
Last but not least, here's our fig tree. It's not a fig bush; clearly it is a TREE :)
It's as tall as our house. And it's loaded with fruit this year -- all ours, if we can beat the birds to it!
 The tiger lilies, given to me by a stranger at the farmers' market last fall, are so happy in their bed. 


  1. I had a dream about a fig tree/bush the other night. The figs were as big as pears. May you get plenty of figs before the birds do! :) I had an oregano plant years ago. It seems like they like to spread and take over, kind of like mint. Keep an eye on that guy! ;) Things are lookin' good!

  2. Wow. You are getting great things out of your garden. I'm just planting my garden.

  3. You are having a wonderful harvest. It is amazing how quickly you have a working farm.

    I hope you didn't kill that caterpillar as it is going to be a butterfly. They love dill.

    Can't wait to see your Lady Banks rose in bloom.

    Happy Gardening on your farm ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh my goodness MK, that crop is wonderful! What bounty! Your grounds are looking amazing- So much blooming- I am so impressed. I am trying hard to grow things but I started some things too late. I've planted but some things will not blossom or fruit for a while. Ivy is SO destructive- it's really hard to pull it off.It made our old wall crumble in my old house. I was so cross at the lazy neighbour who never pruned or cut anything- it made a huge canopy into my garden!

  5. I still remember when you started. It doesn't seem long ago and you have done really well. My roses are looking fantastic this year. Something about the temperature and rainfall must be perfect for them. I'm thinking of planting some more when I can get to the garden centre.

  6. Wow! Things are slower here, too. Yay farmer MK!

  7. My your garden is growing well. Oh that nasty caterpillar eating your plants. Hope the roses does well for you and the birds don't get your figs.


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