Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Things Growing

Digging up garlic, hanging it to dry
Our first yellow squash, and many more coming along.
We have gourds growing in unexpected places.
This single gourd plant is enormous. See that 55-gallon drum? It gives some perspective.
The zucchini are flourishing, and we've harvested several.
Our watermelon vines are also spreading out nicely. I wonder if we'll get any melons? Wouldn't that be exciting?
Adam usually has these vining plants surrounded by grass mulch (see below), but he's behind on these tasks because his ankle, which he injured nearly two weeks ago, has continued to trouble him.
He had to return to the E.R. on Saturday; he has an inflamed nerve (quite painful) and an infection in his wound. He's on meds and mending slowly.
Another mysterious item appeared in the garden behind the peas, among some tomatoes.
I'm thinking it's another gourd from some seed spread by our rambunctious puppies.
Adam and I decided this morning was a good time to empty the potato can.
The potatoes grow along the root; this is a tiny one. I'd never actually seen a potato straight out of the soil before.
We found some very nice sized potatoes!
A small haul from that trash can, but a good start. We're still learning.
Some of y'all already saw this on facebook, but for lunch today I had my first-of-the-season fresh tomato-and-mayo sandwich, and it was fabulous! There is nothing like a fresh, home-ripened tomato for tangy flavor and firm fruit. May there be many more.
One more thing - today's (Thursday) photo of    tomatoes picked:
The big ones are Great Whites. The small yellow ones are White Cherries and Yellow Pears. So much delicious!


  1. You two are doing great for beginning farmers.

    I hope Adam's ankle heals up fast and nicely.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wish I lived closer so I could help mulch! :) I have to water my container tomatoes almost every day. They dry out so quickly. Nice harvest!

  3. What a beautiful harvest of fresh tomatoes! I love those sandwiches, too --- I call them "kitchen sink sandwiches" because you really ought to eat them over the sink as the juices drip!

  4. Oh my, everything looks wonderful!

    I hope Adam isn't discouraged. It's so hard to be injured with so much to do. Don't let him rush his healing!

  5. Phwoar it all looks so good! I hope Adam is ok!x


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