Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adam's Latest Creative Genius:

Big raised bed planters, made from old tires!
Four old tires were left on our farm behind the barn. Adam turned them inside out (not an easy feat) -- he had to cut side walls off on the big truck tires. He cut a floral edge on the one above.
And he did a straight edge on the one below.
He set them where we want them in the yard and filled them with dirt from the orchard.
I chose the farm-green color, but when that can of spray paint ran out, he bought some yellow and red.
I have more sedate taste; Adam prefers COLOR!
These are open on the bottom, which is what we want -- not an enclosed planter, but a small raised bed. The impetus for this project was the death of our rosemary bush. (boohoo!!!) The herb garden is a damp area, and the rosemary had inadequate drainage. These small raised beds will allow us to lift a drainage-sensitive plant up, It also provides a good barrier to prevent a plant from spreading. We'll transplant our mint into one of these as well, as it's inclined to take over.

The green plain one will have the new rosemary bush. The floral-edged green one will have a new lemongrass plant by the driveway. The small spotted one will have mint. I think Adam should get used tires from a local repair place and make these to sell at the market, don't you?


  1. Brilliant idea. You need more dry-ness and drainage and I'm about to dump my raised beds and put them back to the ground because we are so dry here. The raised beds seem to dry out too much in our arid, windy country whereas the plants growing directly on the ground seem to need less watering and are more hardy. I like your tire planters. My DIL uses them for her pumpkins. One of my friend always planted tomatoes in tires.

  2. Worth considering. I think they would sell to people who find it difficult to bend when gardening.

  3. Those are great planters.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  4. It's always so much fun to use "junk" instead of having to cart it away - to turn it into Good Stuff! I will be interested to know if the mint stays in the container.... I'd imagine it sending its runners through the bottom to the other side!


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