Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Are In

In fact, this will be our third night to sleep in the farm house. But we don't have internet there yet, so there has been no blogging happening. In fact, the first evening I was sitting on my bed with the two girls, who were chatting me up in a most friendly manner. I wondered what had gotten into them. They were also both reading children's books! (Anna was enjoying Bird Life in Wington and Julia was digging back into a childhood favorite with an assortment of fairy tale stories.) Strange behavior indeed, until I realized they had no internet. Sigh. Talking and reading. Is that what we all used to do?

So here we sit in Burger King at 9:00 PM, using free wifi so Adam can check online to see if our new wireless router or modem or whatever has arrived at WalMart so he can pick it up. There's some deep irony in there somewhere.
Adam moved his last 3 beehives on Monday morning early, at last. He got help from a friend who is our county extension agent and a fellow beekeeper. But when Adam was driving down the 2-lane highway, the strap holding down that VERY tall Warre hive broke, and the hive splattered all over the highway. He had to clean it up, and the bees, understandably, were quite angry by this point, and he was stung about 100 times, he estimates. It was awful. He felt rather bad all day, but did not have a reaction. He continue to tote furniture and work. But I must say this has been a rather grueling week.

I have photos of the half-put-together house interior but (of course) my computer cannot access my phone pictures right now. Adam just returned from WalMart without our wifi machine. It's in the store. It's arrived. He can see online the name of the person who signed for it. It arrived there 8 hours ago. But ... it's still "unavailable" -- i.e. nobody is willing to go into the back and dig it out for us (even though we've paid for it already), so we will go back home unsatisfied with unattached to the invisible computer world.

Our contractor is basically out of the house, so we are feeling a little homey. Must dash away, but that's all I can give you for now.


  1. So there are benefits to no internet! Sounds like fun. :) My house would be quiet indeed without it. Finally, you are moved in and there's no turning back, lol! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of the progress in the house. Hope the wifi gets dug out of Walmart's back room soon! Your hubby has an amazing constitution. I can't imagine getting stung that many times. Do you have neighbors right across the road? Looks like it in the picture. Nighty night!

  2. Ouch, 100 stings. Your husband must be strong as an ox to cope with that. Good news that you are finally at home and your router will arrive soon, hopefully.

  3. Oh my gosh, poor Adam.

    Hope you get your wi-fi hook up soon so we can see more pictures.

    What a world wind experience for all of you! It must feel so good to be 'in'.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. When we were moving in here, we used to sit in McDonald's parking lot using the WiFi. : )

  5. 100 stings! Oh my! I hope he is ok.x


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