Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Steps

On Tuesday I was still off work so I launched into some tiny projects around the house. Adam was out in the drizzle, shoveling manure and watering it down with rainwater from his barrel system. More on that in another post.
I addressed the chaos that is our back porch. It's not a large space. I moved that bookshelf (with the paper towels in it) down, and put up two coat hooks. I'd bought them years ago and never used them in a previous house. Sometimes it's useful to be a packrat. I'll hang one more hook there.
I have almost no closet space in this house -- one small closet for Adam and me, and an itty-bitty closet in Julia's room. That's it!! So hooks galore is one solution.
Alright ... next project:  the kitchen window. I loathe nasty old mini-blinds.
A kitchen window is important. When day-dreaming while doing dishes, the window is essential for pleasant thoughts, occasionally even enchanted day-dreaming. Rusty mini-blinds do not enchanted day-dreams make.
Mr. M. was clearly afraid his mini-blinds would come down in his dishes. He nailed them in.
And he screwed them in. See the bent screw up there?
It was fun ripping all that out!
I'd been inspired by a kitchen window photo from my friend, Melissa:
I hope she doesn't mind my lifting this photo from her blog. I'm not quite sure if it's her kitchen or one she found online. But isn't it magical? J'adore the shelf and tea things! (((Sigh))) And the little cafe curtain. And the fall berries and leaves. If I were standing at that sink, I'd be drooling in it.

Anywho, after a trip to Wally World, I returned with the correct rods to hang curtains on doors. This is the door to the back porch from the kitchen:
And right behind it, the back door to the deck. Those are matching cafe curtains, but I only had two ...
So I had no curtain left for my wannabe-magical kitchen window. I went digging around and found some tea towels I never use. Wrinkled of course.
Somehow I love a magical look, but I'm a bit challenged in making it happen in my house, haha!!
At some point I'll find the right lacy curtain for there. Or a better, bigger tea towel. Magical curtains should have some POOF!, and this towel arrangement lacks poof.
Our crazy weather has confused my gardenia bush, so it's blooming. "Is it by chance spring yet?" it is wondering.

My Japanese magnolia has one lone bloom too, poor thing.


  1. Yes, you need a sweet calico with double the width of fabric (your window X 2) I would make it for you.
    Maybe you could buy a shelf with suction cups to stick onto the window. You have herbs and things to hang. Mug hooks are sturdy.
    I can tell you are excited to have your own cozy home!

  2. I love the trees you can see from your kitchen window. I have been in my present house for 12 years. I initially put up kitchen curtains but took them down pretty soon after as I preferred to look at the garden. Luckily that room isn't overlooked by neighbours.

  3. There were blinds on most windows when we moved here and took them all down. I love windows to let in light.
    That is a magical window. : )

  4. It appears that you don't have neighbors looking in your kitchen window, so it would be feasible to leave it more open. Of course, you probably want to take Pom up on her offer of calico curtains! Have fun playing house!

  5. Oh, I despise blinds...maybe, only maybe, the wooden ones are all right but those nasty little plastic white beige ones...BE GONE!
    Such a sweet kitchen window but I'd lower the blinds to cover the bottoms of the window so I could peek over the top. To me, it's odd, having someone peeking at my stomach...silly me! Your idea of the towels is brilliant; totally fab idea!


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