Friday, October 2, 2015

Bailing Out

Update: The rain tapered off for the afternoon, but then returned with a vengeance this evening (Friday). Now we have new big leaks in the living room ceiling. Adam took down the ceiling fan. The leak is coming out of the hole where it was. We have a five-gallon bucket catching the water which is a very fast drip, nearly a constant stream at times. Rain should taper off again tomorrow, but return sometime Sunday with significant rain all day Monday. Not sure what our ceiling will look like after all that.

We've had rain ... oh my! have we had RAIN! The ground was saturated last week. We had the threat of Hurricane Joaquin coming up the coast, and a low pressure system with lots of water stalled right over our heads, unable to shift itself because of the hurricane. Our yard this morning:
Some shots from the front of the house:

A soggy mess. Adam decided to work inside. He removed the cabinets from the laundry room/back porch. They were detaching themselves from the wall.
We carried the whole thing to the front porch where he could repair it.
You can see the bad corner.
He's repaired it and will put it back up this afternoon.

Meanwhile ... as he's wrangling the cabinet, Julia comes out of her room and announces that the roof is leaking. Yeah ... that roof ... the one our contractor supposedly just repaired.
This was all highly distressing, and we all spent an hour hunting up buckets and containers for Adam to put around in the attic. It's quite bad. Some of these rooms had just been drywalled and painted. The contractor quickly offered to come do some more roof repair for free, but we do not want him working on our house again. Thankfully he had not yet been paid for the previous botched job. We have leaks today in spots that had never leaked before!
When the weather is bad, Adam likes to bake:
Those are raspberry turnovers, very  yummy.
The rain has slowed down, thankfully, and seems to be running off down to the river.


  1. I was wondering if you guys were getting flooded, and now your roof is leaking. That's horrible!!!

    I'm sure those raspberry turnovers were delicious!

    I hope all goes well with the repairs.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wow! YIKES! I'm glad that you can get it all fixed, but how frustrating! Stay safe! Adam's turnovers look gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness what a lot of rain! How awful about the leaky roof after just having it fixed. Hope you're able to get those repairs done without a hassle.
    Lucky you to have a husband who bakes. : ) Mine doesn't bake but he does cook once in a while.

  4. After years of a leaky roof in our log house, I feel your pain! I hope you find a really good contractor this time and you can be dry from now on. A little pastry always helps! :)

  5. Oh dear! I wondered how you might be faring with that Joaquin storm. So sorry to hear about your leaks. Rats!!!! I'm glad baking is the thing to do when it's raining cats and dogs.

  6. Argh . . . so sorry about this. I certainly hope you can get a good contractor to fix things up for you. A raspberry turnover provides a well-needed comfort!

  7. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awful! How could they get it wrong!!?!??!x

  8. What a soggy mess, I think Adam has the right idea for now though. nothing you can do about it now except put buckets under the leaks and bake ! I sure hope the storms I am seeing your part of the U.S. getting now haven't made things worse.


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