Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mr. BeeKeeper

On Tuesday Adam spoke to a local bi-monthly group of oldish folks at their "Lunch and Learn." He was the "learn" part. The "lunch" part was chili with cheese, sour cream, and fritos.
Because it's November, Adam couldn't bring a teaching hive (enclosed in glass) for people to view. And because their projector doesn't talk with his computer, Adam simply talked to them. And he was
funny! He had them in stitches. He did quite well. It was a full house!
There wasn't time to tell all he could tell about bees, but he told enough and they were fascinated.
He brought along his newly-handmade bee toolbox. It has everything he might need to work with a bee hive. The box itself is really a nuc box. It has a strap for shoulder carrying, a smoker, a veil, and the wire rack on the side will hold bee frames if needed.

He didn't take questions during his talk, but he invited people to come chat afterward who were interested in beekeeping. He had a small crowd around him. Adam wants to sell bees and queens to hopeful beekeepers, so perhaps this talk will lead to a few contacts like that.


  1. Very cool! He just might gain some beekeeping friends as well as buyers of bees. :) I LOVE chili with sour cream, cheese and fritos!!

  2. Would have been interesting to hear Adam's speech. : )

  3. That's really neat! I hope he gets some buyers of bees.

    Happy Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady


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