Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Puttering Around on the Farm

We're looking quite autumnal here on the farm. The grapevine leaves are yellow.
I got quite a bit done this morning before lunch. I wandered into the little workshop/shed on the back of the garage. It was quite a mess.
I straightened and tidied and put away and hung things up and threw things away.
It was quite satisfying. I love tidying and organizing. It's the most fun I've had all day long.
Still messy ... but better.
We stopped at a local nursery yesterday, and I bought 3 hostas she'd already cut back and sold for half-price.
So here's the beginning of my shade bed: four lambs ears and three hostas (behind the lambs ears). These are "humpback whale" hostas, the massive blue/green ones with deep ridges. I love that color.
Anna visited Target while in town and brought back two Christmas towels!! She's a dear. I love Christmas.
I'm not wild about our front door, but it's the door we have. It's a pretty window, but Not My Style. However, Mr. M. (the previous owner) had put a metal mini-blind on the inside of the door, to block the light from that oval window. Ugh! Today I removed it at last.
... because (while cleaning up the shed) I found some old curtain rods I used back in Statesville. The rod attachments are magnetic. You can place them where you want (if you have a metal door) -- no screwing them or nailing them.
I have two rods and two pairs of the magnetic block ends. I plan to put a rod at the top and the bottom of the door, and make a sheer panel that will go on each rod so it won't fly around.
Meanwhile outside ... puppies have been playing. Maggie loves the outdoors.
Adam said this morning all three dogs played a 3-way chase game for a half hour. Maggie was pooped out!
One day I also noticed her wandering quite close to the bee hives, but she didn't get stung. She doesn't know what they are yet.
Adam has been faithfully working his mulch/compost piles: straw, leaves, manure. He mixes and shovels and wets it with rain water. He plans to have four more compost bins like the first four.
The wheat field is quite bright green now. This photo was yesterday. See the panel of brighter green on the left end of the field? That's the barley. It's sprouted in a more timely fashion and is a little taller, and neon green.
Adam is tickled to death about his wheat/barley field. After all his hard work there, it's no wonder!
Our winter garden is damp yet AGAIN. Lotsa rain. We now know this part of the field is too damp for a veggie garden. Adam will move it next year and put something else here that doesn't mind wet feet. The greens are still growing well, but the two beds on the right are not as healthy.
It's busy around here! As the weather cools, I enjoy being outside more, and I LOVE working outside. I just need more time! Don't we all?


  1. I can hardly get over how much has gone on there at the farm since you first moved in.

    I love your door's window. I think I would paint it with glass transparent paint though, to make it look like stained glass. :-)

    Happy farming ~ FlowerLady

  2. I didn't even know they made magnetic curtain rod holders! I have a metal door with an ornate window like that. I don't like that someone outside can look in and I can't tell they're there if it's dark outside. I've been taping a pillow case over the window because I didn't want to figure out how to make screw holes in the metal, lol!
    Isn't it fun having out buildings to putter around in? And so many good things to do outside!

  3. I think celery might like that very wet sort of bed :-) Your green fields are lovely to this farmer's eyes. I have also loved being in the garden at this time of year. This afternoon I spent several hours trimming and weeding when I only meant to do a little bit!

    Even I, who have little decorating sense, know that blinds over a window like that would indeed be ugly. I'm glad you are able to rectify that!

  4. Oh how nice the farm is coming along.
    I like getting things neat and organized too.
    Those magnetic curtain rods is a good idea!

  5. I was thinking that coloring in the front door window to look like stained glass would be pretty and fun --especially for Christmas! Those chalk markers might work to color them in.

    Wow, the wheat and barley are looking good. The lambs ears and hostas will be so nice next spring.

  6. I see y'all have quickly discovered that there's no place like a farm! Isn't it fun? I enjoy it all, even shoveling donkey "offerings" every day (and twice today). I keep farmer's hours, too --- up by 6 (can't ignore the hee haws and cocka-doodle-doos) and asleep by 10.


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