Thursday, April 28, 2016

Buttercups and Clover

We haven't been able to bring ourselves to cut it all ... just yet. Yesterday when temperatures reached 80 degrees, the whole field smelled of flowers.

Plus, of course, it's lovely for the bees. Adam's swarm appears to be doing well. He moved it into the place of one of his strong hives, allowing for wind drift too, and the tiny swarm in the brown nuc box has received thousands of new bees.
And then there's Ned, sweet boy:
Softest ears ever

That pic was taken yesterday morning when Adam was cutting down the dead fruit trees in the orchard.
Now we have FOUR burn piles that we must get rid of, one some day when the wind is low and it's recently rained some but not too much.
Speaking of the orchard, the large apple tree is doing this:
And the mysterious tree that we hope is a peach is doing this:
I that an itty-bitty peach? It's fuzzier than the others. You tell me! But I hope so.


  1. Buttercups and clover and sweet Ned. I'm sure your hearts are full!

  2. Your meadow is beautiful! I'd hate to cut it too. What a beautiful little dog. I've missed my visits here; hope to catch up one of these days!

  3. I just finished mowing the lawn and was just thinking that I'd like to turn my whole yard into a meadow. I am not a big fan of a lot of green grass. I LOVE your meadow and I wouldn't ever mow it. : )


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