Friday, April 15, 2016

Farm Records

Update: It's 4/16 and we still haven't put any greenhouse plants into the ground. Lows this coming week are around 47 degrees, with a projected low of 43 degrees 4/20. Still waiting. April has been quite windy also.
Adam and I think it's been a cool April, maybe even cooler than March. We had a freeze warning on the night of the 9th. Lows this week will be in the 50s, down into the 40s. We are waiting to put tender plants into the ground. The greenhouse is bursting at the seams.

You can see which tomatoes are older and which are the second plantings.

This is my biggest tomato plant. It's a cherry tomato -- Black from Tula, I think.
 And my thyme seedlings are coming right along. At first I found it daunting to get every thing from seed, but it's been fun.
 Our broccoli is growing at last!
Adam finished digging his second long tomato bed with the dog's help.
By the way, we've decided to call him Ned after all. I prefer Moose, and may still use it someday, but Adam's and Julia's hearts are a bit wounded by using a name so close to Maggie's nickname ('Moo'), so we will opt for Ned. He's such a good dog. Adam is quite pleased with his development as a good farm dog.
 Adam checked his Worm Tea bucket and found a gracious plenty of delectable liquid. The Clampetts might call it "Black Gold" -- haha!
We're also slowly filling up our old swimming pool with rain water. We use this for watering also, so our plants don't have to put up with treated town water.
Four new cucumber plants have germinated in the greenhouse.


  1. I have yet to plant one SEED in my greenhouse! But we are unlikely to get freezing temps from here on out. Still, most of us don't plant tomatoes, etc. until the first of May; I'm setting out boughten plants.

    (I really like that word *boughten* and am going to leave it here even though it's evidently not a well-liked word. It's so much more sensible, efficient and musical than having to write "store-bought.")

  2. Oh, and I am planning to get worms! I need to make a place in my garage where they can stay in winter, before I take on that next project. But I'm excited about it!

  3. I got seeds and starter mix and all that, but I've been too lazy. I think I'll just buy some plants, like Gretchen. In Minnesota we usually wait until May 15 to put plants out. Glad Ned is fitting right in. He's so blessed to be a Christiansen! Wears me out just watchin' you guys! Have fun!

  4. I have some seeds to plant, mostly flower and some little Everglade tomatoes.

    I can understand Adam and Julia's reluctance to use the name Moose. Ned is nice and short and most likely suits him.

    I like the word 'boughten' too, although I don't think I've ever heard it before.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady


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