Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Things Grow In June

We've had a few perfect days: low humidity, reasonable temperatures, beautiful skies. And everything's growing (especially the grass and weeds).
Tomatoes continue. We're picking lots each day. We love these tiny cherry toms, Matt's Wild Cherry, an heirloom type.
The corn's growing. It's not as high as an elephant's eye, but it's as high as a farm wife's thigh!
Ned and I traipsed through the tall weeds in the field to see the rows of sunflowers. They're blooming.
Some are still small and just opening.
The few apples we have this year are lovely. I think we have -- truly -- about ten apples on two trees.
 Our fig tree from a different angle because I want you to see how there's new growth from the bottom, where a big limb was cut off because of disease.
 Right in the middle of my herb bed is a volunteer cucumber. Really? C'mon, guy! Plus, it looks like his is adversely affecting my sage plant, just left of the cucumber. Grrr.
 Our dill is enthusiastic. That's good because we have lots of cucumbers coming on, and Adam will turn it all into refrigerator dill pickles.
We have at least two pear trees and lots of pears this year. I do hope they taste yummy with good texture. We shall see.
Now onto the plants that grow for beauty's sake only and don't "earn their keep." The lily bed is such a joy to see each day.
The blooms are huge!
Right next to the lilies I found this large broadleaf plantain. I don't have many with the broad leaves, so I plan to encourage this one.
 The six knockout roses along the front are doing fine. I long for them to be HUGE and obscure the road a bit more. I'm impatient.
Isn't that a sweet little face?
Finally one of our elephant ears came up! We've not had much success with them here.
 My hostas are happy ...
 ... and my lambs' ears are blooming too.
Last but not least, we have a few daisies that have made an appearance.
What do you have growing and blooming in your yard?


  1. Things are looking great at your place! I have a few green tomatoes with blossoms that promise more in the future. My squash plants are getting big, as well as the sunflowers. I hope my large-ish planters are big enough to let them grow to full maturity. I sure don't want to try to repot them!

  2. Hurray for you and your gardens!

    Flowers do so 'earn their keep', by giving you beauty and scents to enjoy. Good for your health!

    Happy Farming ~ FlowerLady

  3. Everything on the farm looks so good. : )

  4. You've got some nice things growing there! The pears look nice! And the 10 apples too. Beauties!

    We only grow the wide leaf type of plantain, that I know of.

    The only crops I'm getting so far are lettuce, snap peas, radishes and some herbs. Still too early for many crops yet. The lilies are just starting to open and a creeping rose too.

  5. SOoooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!


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