Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Blooming

We've had warm, wet weather. Farmer Adam says we've had 19" of rainfall MORE this fall/winter, than normal. And the past few days have given us temperatures in the low 70's. The winter garden, which has barely grown, has suffered, and the wheat and barley field is looking downright peaked, as my mother would say!
The warmth has confused some plants, like this apple tree:

Poor thing. What will it do in spring? I hope just bloom again.
I'm still making wreaths. I sold a medium-sized one at Saturday's farmers' market, and I made a new oval one Sunday afternoon. That's my favorite time to go outside and wrangle vines. It's quite peaceful. I love taking the chaotic disorder of a massive tangle of vines, and turning it into an orderly, contained wreath.
Each one is different.
 I'm looking for something to attach to a wreath, to decorate it, but I don't want plastic or garish. I'd love the itty-bitty pinecones, but we have none of those. Perhaps these gum tree balls?
 Adam has worked so hard on his pecans! After getting them back from the cracker fellow at the Nut House, Adam picked them all. This year's pecans are not great; they are not filled out, and are soft and chewy. He's dried them out some, and they're fine for cooking. He's vacuum sealed some bags, and we'll give them as gifts.
 He's still picking them up from the ground and we'll continue processing.
An oak tree near the house has turned the most lovely russet brown.
The weather is warm, blustery, changeable, and just fabulous to be out in. I picked up pecans today, lugged some logs around, inspected the winter garden and checked out the bees. Enjoy your December wherever you are!


  1. Crazy warm weather here too. Love those wreaths. I still haven't tried making them.

  2. Unseasonably warm and humid down here in s.e.FL too. So ready for some chilly weather.

    I love your wreaths and those gumball seed pods will make GREAT additions to them.

    Happy Christmas Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  3. The wreaths look great! I like the gum tree balls idea.
    I, too, wonder about that apple tree. Will it make new blooms? I'm sure it's been through this before. ;)

  4. i just love everything you do, it's all just so quirky and makes me smile! so glad you shared :) Please keep up the effective work. click here


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