Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Steaming Earth

Adam is the compost wizard. He loves nothing better than to fork leaves/manure/straw around for a few hours, watering it and watching nature do her magic of making dirt. His compost piles are quite warm these days. See the steam from the heat inside?
Maggie loves to lie on the compost piles for that very reason.
She's a cutie.
His oldest bins are getting rather dry and have ants in them. Nothing wrong with the ants, but it is a gauge for moisture. Compost needs water. This was yesterday. Today he's watering all the compost.
A stray piece of onion from the kitchen found its way into the compost and is now happily growing there.
The big pile has the potato trash can nestled in it, and boy-oh-boy are those taters growing well!
These taters are an experiment to see how it works as a growing method. Adam is pleased.
This past week, one morning we walked around the whole farm (all 3.84 acres - haha!). I'd never walked the far fence line before. Here's a shot of the buildings from the other end of the field. L-R: Anna's little house, the main house, the garage, the bee hives the red bard (barely visible) and the red water container.
Adam's wheat field shines in the morning light. It's recovering a bit from all the rain.

The winter greens garden still hangs in there, although it doesn't grow much. We had more rain this morning, so it's waterlogged again! I imagine we'll get some eating out of it eventually.
That stunning oak tree. I never thought an oak could look so pretty.

The next morning when I went into the field to see Adam, Maggie was holed up under the old horse feed trough. She likes cool, muddy places. Perfect farm dog.


  1. It looks like you guys are adapting well to farm life! I love it!

  2. My cat likes to sit on our compost bin. There must be some warmth coming up, though I've never seen any steam. I love a good compost heap.

  3. Sounds as though all is going good around the farm. : )
    The oak tree is very pretty next to the blue sky!!

  4. I like the wide view of all the buildings. You've really made a difference. It might be fun to see some of the first pictures you took, next to the new and improved views! Maggie's found a nice cool spot. Our dogs always seemed to want to dig a hole right by the house, lol. I always loved walking the fence line around our place. Usually checking to see why the electric fence wasn't working. It was a chance to enjoy parts of the farm I seldom ventured out to. Enjoy your little slice of heaven!

  5. Sweet Maggie. She's growing fast! My only compost sits and steams in the woods behind the barnyard. Donkey manure. Mountains of it that compost themselves over a short period. Great for the gardens. I am privileged to shovel this fertilizer wonderfulness every day. Sometimes twice if it's raining!


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