Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Farm Sees Its First Spring

Spring came in one day, on Tuesday. We woke to warmth and sunshine. I know spring doesn't really come until later in the month, but here in Pamlico County, it's certainly arrived! As most of you have already read on my other blog, that morning we also suffered a crushing loss here on the farm. Two of our dogs, Sandy and Maggie, were killed on the road in front of our house. We have been dealing with our loss and grief this week. So much of what we do, and especially what Adam does, each day, revolves around those dogs. Not only does the farm feel lonely and empty and quiet, our lives do. We are quite thankful to still have Beau. There's something particularly difficult about losing two in one day. Adam buried them back where the passion fruit grows along the fence between the orchard and the barn:
He planted a new forsythia bush there to spray out bursts of bright yellow spring each year where they lie.
In other farm news, Adam has tilled up a long stretch of soil along the roadside fence for sunflowers.
 The last picture I took of Maggie. She and Beau were running toward me. Sandy was by my side.
The peas are quite UP! We have many of them in both beds for peas.
And Adam has fertilized the pecan trees. 
Little violets are blooming in the floor of the orchard now that the sun can reach there.
We so enjoy having a troop of dogs, especially here on the farm. In the fall, Adam says we will think about finding some new puppy friends to keep us company in the pasture. Until then, Beau will have to tolerate being smothered with love.


  1. With what does Adam fertilize the trees? I'm eager to hear about the bees. I seem to have 3 hives that have overwintered, and I have an order for a 5 frame nuc. I am still thinking of you missing your puppies. Our dog annoys me with her shedding, but I love to see her rassle with my kids!

  2. I fertilized the pecans with 8-8-8 + zinc. As I get things going they will just get some compost in the future.

  3. I'm sure the daily activities are not half as much fun without those two dogs. Losing two at once is really hard to imagine....

    I love seeing these pictures of Spring -- yes, it IS Spring, if trees are budding, etc! -- and preparation for planting. It's such a joy that you have this property to play with, to improve, to coax and to love.

  4. It's feeling a little springish even here in the north, though you never know for sure until about mid-May. I'll have to get some planters and a comfy chair for my balcony. Those little violets are so cute!

  5. In spring we celebrate hope. Beauty all around. Still thinking about y'all.


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