Friday, March 4, 2016

What's Up in the Greenhouse

I'm on vacation at the beach, but a couple of days, here's what the greenhouse looked like. Lots of little baby plants are UP and seeing the warm sunlight ... well, at least it's warm in the greenhouse.
Above: little tomato plants that Adam started in his office under grow lights (apparently they actually start better in the greenhouse!), heart of gold, more tomatoes, broccoli, more tomatoes, little wildflowers
Underneath all that are three big tubs of pearl onions that are looking fabulous.
On the right side of the greenhouse we have a trashcan tub of potatoes, more of Adam's tomatoes, cilantro that it well up, parsley that is looking green and lovely, peppers, thyme, basil, gourds, cucumber that is up at last, and chives.
In the ground beds we also have lots of peas popping up, plus various lettuces. So exciting! Next week, when our warm temps come back, I'm hoping more and more things will be growing and greening.


  1. Fabulous! Are you a canner/freezer/preserver?

  2. Wonderful action in the greenhouse!

  3. O the green things growing, the green things growing,
    The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
    I should like to live, whether I smile or grieve,
    Just to watch the happy life of my green things growing.

    (from the poem The Green Things Growing) How exciting!!


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