Friday, March 18, 2016

The Loathsome Bathroom

Later this month Julia and I will got away for a few days' visit with my family in West Virginia. While we're gone Adam will (hopefully) gut the bathroom and give it a total do-over. We planned to do this last fall when I left for a few days, but frankly, we were unwilling then to cough up the necessary cash to make it happen. Let me give you a tour of The Loathsome Bathroom. It's the room Adam and I both hate the most!
It's a tight spot. You can easily sit on the potty and fiddle in the sink, wash your hands, or brush your teeth.
I did not clean before taking these photos. It wouldn't have made any difference!
Immediately to your right as you enter, you have this crowded corner. The dresser gives me necessary storage. It's the only bathroom, so all bathroomy things must live here.
Ugliest wallpaper ever. Ugliest light fixture ever. And the mirror is almost bigger than the room itself!
Yes, I confess, I've begun ripping random pieces of wallpaper off the walls. It makes me feel better. And ... how could it make the room look any worse? Every inch of that paper that disappears is an improvement.
Okay, this is embarrassing, but ... in the interest of honesty ... here's the tub. The walls around it are not a solid surround, and not tile. It was some other type of wall they used for a while, but it has seams. And seams leak. Adam sealed the seams, but then mold grew on the sealant. I can't scrub it off or bleach it off. It's too soft. I've tried scraping it off with a razor blade, which is helpful, but I can't remove ALL the sealant or the walls will leak. This is the bathroom element that needs replacing the most desperately.
Above the tub -- high above, since it's a 10-foot ceiling -- you see a slightly bulging wall, moisture, and some mold there too. I'm afraid when Adam starts stripping things away, this redo could cost more than we anticipate. Oh ... and notice that horrific border!
On the left side of the room above the toilet are three large, ugly, necessary cabinets. All linens are stored here. One is a medicine cabinet.
We will keep the toilet, but it must be reset and sealed because it wobbles.
If you look up, you'll see perhaps the only thing in the room that I've decided I like. Maybe. I call it the flying spaceship light fixture. We will keep it and replace the fan that doesn't work, plus put a new fixture above the sink. Problem is -- the light switches for this overhead fixture and for the fan, are behind the door. How inconvenient is that?
 And the floor? Ugh. This is what the threshold looks like right this minute:
Now you know why we're so eager to get this room redone right away.
It's just an awful, ugly, snug little room. But Adam will do what he can to make it more comfortable for us, and cleaner and prettier. This is the BEFORE -- I can't wait to show you the AFTER!


  1. can't wait for the after, too! It's quite a conglomeration right now, isn't it?

  2. I hope you're taking a long trip. Adam has his work cut out for him, but it will help to have the ladies of the house gone. Men can get by with lots less "stuff".

    You should check out the ideas for organizing drawers on my latest blog post. It might help with your stuff and your linens. Check out: The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. You can listen to her book on Youtube for free.

  3. Yes, I can see how you want a new bathroom. This one is pretty bad. : ) I can't wait to see the after pictures!! I'm sure it will be fantastic.
    We are going to be turning our two little bathrooms into one big one but are not ready to do it quite yet.

  4. Excited for you! Looking forward to pictures!

  5. I hope all goes well for Adam as he tackles this renovation project. He is such a hard worker. Whatever he does will be better that what you have now. Looking forward to seeing the after pictures.

    My bathroom is a work in progress, that got stalled out.

    Have a lovely spring and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  6. i'm glad to hear you're keeping the toilet. I'd add it to the "necessary" list.

  7. When I saw the top photo I thought the walls were of corrugated iron (very common in the Aussie bush, but probably not in the US)Anyway, then you started talking wallpaper and my first reaction was Wallpaper? What wallpaper? Looks like Adam has a job which is a 2 week job, not a "couple of days" one.


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